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Pony Rides Again


This fella Matt at Urbanlivn has a weird sidenote: "Well, I met the owner, Mark Stoner, of the (new) Pony at an Urbnlivn meetup and turns out the Pony is just an interim project until he builds condos on the site."…

While if true that knocks some pixie dust off Pony's cred for me, still I can't help hoping that master plan doesn't pencil out for a long, long time.
mmm.... pony rides for the wicked.

well, dear bethany jean clement, perhaps there is more to life than the stud farm.

any time you want to bring a gift certificate over from fremont's underwire sire, you can get a rush paint job for free...

and today there is clean soapy water with which to wash our mouths out.

just in case this is described as innuendo, remember, please remember in december
it's only curse words that bring down the heart.

@1: I spoke with Pony owner Mr. Stoner on the phone about the chances of the new Pony making way for condominiums, and he said: "That was the original plan, but, you know, I put so much money and time into it—it’s definitely going to be open for quite a while, and maybe it’ll just be continuous... Basically nothing will be happening anytime soon, and maybe never." If condos ever happen, they should clearly be called Pony, with Pony-the-bar on the ground floor (or in the basement!).

@2: I shall remember!