Bar Exam

Complications at Grim's


They shouldn't be allowed to serve a French Dip without fries.
Ok, Po dog is NOT an upscale hotdog restaurant. It's an overpriced bar serving hotdogs with weird toppings. They don't make their own sausage or htodogs the last time I checked.
Agreed, loved the leek and asiago sandwich. Their dark and stormy was pretty good too. I recommend attend on a night sans marketing people.
Sounds like the only bar in Hell.
There is nothing at all steampunk about grims.

Nothing at all. So stop calling it that, media.
@5: It is a quote--they call it that themselves! Check it: "the ghostly steampunk atmosphere." It is totally bananas, agreed.

It's true...there's absolutely nothing steampunk about an iPhone.
Also the drinks are bad and the service uninterested. Nice space tho.
Steampunk? Nah, not enough welding goggles nor leather aprons about.
How about call it stupid? This is a stupid bar
This place is offensive to any intelligent life form
I had a good enough time there. It kind of felt like whoever themed the place was fighting against me, though. I'll go back, but it probably won't become a regular spot or anything.
It was a meetup sponsored by, CHS, Nology Media, and others:…
Victorian frat house punk?

Ok, that's not fair. I haven't been inside yet but I've fond the crowd daunting. I've heard good about the food.

If it doesn't have goggles or non-functioning watch gears hot-glued to it - it ain't steampunk.
If Grey's experience is predictive, this place will only be here for a short while before the landlord pulls some dick move, terminates the lease, and then tries to sue for the tens of thousand of dollars of "damages" caused by the build-out.
Oh, Bethany. Why the passive voice? Why?
May we please stop with the steampunkery, ridiculous themed bars, and goddamn mason jars. For fuck's sake.
@18 You have something against Mason jars? Seriously?
Mason jars are obviously related to the Illuminati. Accursed masons! Their influence is everywhere!
went there once - the service sucked so bad we left after one drink.
the bartender was too busy checking his phone and then talking on it to even run our credit cards - it took at least 15 min from the time we asked for the check to even get it. "It" bar? LOL more like "_ _it" bar! drinks were ok and my friend had some food he thought was good. the front door looks out of place with the redesign. it needs some more thought. you'll see what i'm talking about.
"Intricate drink specialties, creative menu items, and attentive staff this bar is sure to be a hit when looking for a classy yet comfortable place to get a drink and a bite to eat."

Direct quote from their poorly written website copy. I also enjoyed how they have to translate all their cute terms: Provisions (food).
I'm with #22. That website is unforgivable.

I will never go to this place.
@18- I drink from jars at home. Not mason jars, mostly Classico Pasta Sauce jars. They come free with my pasta sauce!
lol @24...I sometimes feel like i'm the only person in the world who *doesn't* enjoy jars-as-cups. (because I use them as tupperware and you damn kids keep drinking out of my jars and now I have nowhere to put this leftover soup!!)
I don't care how people label it. I will always try something once & judge it for myself. I've been there a few times and sat upstairs with friends. Seems like a good meet up spot and then move on to somewhere else.
This place is too full of itself and the service was horrid.
Why do more and more places make me feel like I'm bothering them when I want to order a drink or food???
damn it feels good to be in Belltown