Chow Bio

Luis Rodriguez of the Station


these guys are super nice, and apparently the only coffee shop around north beacon hill to be open at 6am? if you live around here you should definitely stop by and check it out.
The caramel soy lattes are the best, but The Station is better known for their mexican hot chocolate! Both equally yummy!
although the station is well known for the fantastic mexican chocolate, don't sleep on the equally yummy caramel soy lattes! so good!
Around the corner from The Station on Beacon Ave is La Benedicion grocery/tortilleria for fresh tortillas.
@4: They also have great Tamales at La Benedicion.
Where are the celebrities that Slog promised? Nothing against these guys but Tad and the Blue Scholars?? Seriously?
@6: Tad will graciously rock any socks you wish to have rocked. I'd make him a Mexican mocha any day!

On the other hand: overexposure, thy name is Blue Scholars. They are everywhere at all times.
luis said blue scholars cuz that's easy to say in english!! oldominion, and other underground hip hop acts are highly represented here!! dj wd4d(elephaders/khingz/gabe teadros) and rob castro of grayskul/gigantics are the other 2 baristas..we also have fans from other musical mexican mochas are METAL!!we miss tad and pegadeth!!(they recently moved out of the house next door to us)...we're up early and we make bomb coffee...come check us out