Food & Drink Dec 7, 2011 at 4:00 am

Erik Hakkinen Is Filling Big Shoes at the Zig Zag


And this interviewee's name is...?
Might sound strange to most - but for Brits and Aussies, Marmite (well Vegemite for the Aussies)is a splendid addition to a drink! In my book The Mish-Mash Dictionary of Marmite (yes, nothing like a bit of self-promotion) I have an entry which reads: "Cocktails: forget the Worcester sauce; mix a teaspoon or so of Marmite into vodka and tomato juice for the best Bloody Mary you might ever enjoy. A classic Margarita can also benefit from a Marmite twist. Instead of dipping the glass into a bowl of salt, before adding the tequila, triple-sec and fresh lime juice, give it a quick Marmite dunk. After all, salt is salt."
Thanks, Maggie Hall.
@1: Weirdness in the tubes (name was included in the print edition)—fixed, thanks!
@2: That DOES sound more strange than splendid, especially the margarita with Marmite rim, but I like how they have parrots instead of pigeons down there.

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