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Beer Exorcism at Ballard Station Public House


A beer exorcism apparently involves letting in tons of hipsters and charging extra for beer.

The old Ballard Ave Pub was a true drinking joint, not a fake hipster one.

PS the sound was controlled by a jukebox, any nickelback was played by customer choice. There is still a jukebox, it just costs $1.50 per song instead of $1.00.
Mark (and Kate) are/were the best parts of the Yard. Glad to see him doing well in his new venture!
Sorry #1, even in comparison to Ballard's many flawed establishments the Ballard Ave Pub (on Market St!) still stood out as a half assed attempt. Nothing in that place made any sense...the decor, the service, the hours, the name, it was all a mish mash without any reason to be. Unless you were already so plastered that you had no idea where you were, the Ballard Ave Pub (Still not on Ballard Ave!) was just not anyone could get comfortable in.
I wish Mark all the best with this new venture. He was a great asset to the Yard and I'm sure he'll make this place great.
That dude is adorable and I wish his face was what I saw when I woke up every morning.

And I'm just here to tell you that "like a pizza covered in tacos or a car with two spoilers covered in tacos" is great.
Spg -

The decor: sorry it didn't have a theme, like every other "restored interior" place you like to pretend isn't the yuppie Applebee's. The Kickin Boot has issues, but at least the evo collective guys helped do something interesting with the space. That's a good way to decorate.

Name/location: what part of "at the end of Ballard Ave" is so difficult to comprehend?

The service: you must not have talked to pepe. He was great. Most of Ballard probably did not know how to, or feel comfortable, engaging a Hispanic guy, so you're probably not alone here. No biggie.

The hours: it wasn't a restaurant, it was a bar.

Whatever, I'm not really invested in the old place, and it's not like I want the new one to fail. I just think that the idea that the Ballard Ave Pub was some kind of blight says a little too much about the direction post-boom Ballard is taking.