Count the Monte Cristos

Decoding the Rosetta Stone of Sandwiches


"The Monte Cristo (it translates literally as "sandwich of Christ") is a sandwich engulfed in controversy." -FAIL-

Actually it translates literally as "mount of Christ", but then why get bogged down in detains and facts?
@1 Thank you.

Also... 'Jesus Christ' apparently was Jewish. So I'm sure glad they put ham in 'his' namesake sandwich. If you make it breakfast style, bacon is a good substitute or addition.
really, 1 & 2?


for real?
whew. thanks 3. my head almost burst.
@3 What? Ya don't like bacon with yer ham?
I remember eating Monte Cristos at the Olympic Hotel in Seattle when I was a child. It was battered and DEEP FRIED --- NOT grilled. It was the most delicious thing in the world -- next to a the Frango Mint milkshake at the Paul Bunyan Room at Frederick and Nelson. But you could only have ONE of those treats each week. Thank God you couldn't get them both at one place!