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The Hot Bartenders of the New Washington State Bartenders Guild Want to Make You Better Drinks Than Ever


I love Andrew Friedman like a brother !
Chantanee is not a new incarnation, but one that closed and moved to a new space.

Their food is fantastic. Seriously, some of the best thai food in the area.
absinthe and gin would make the title of a really good Bethany poem... just sayin'
There should be at least a few Bethany poems. But where would we find a writer!? If ONLY we knew where to find some writers!
Let's see, the bartenders get together to make up new drinks that will cost in excess of $12 and the happy populace of sleepy Seattle think it's great thing. I'm looking forward to less espresso outltets and less trendy bars with high-priced drinks.
James--Agreed. After two weeks on the east coast followed by 3 days in Portland the so-called mixologist crowd and its admirers have fully annoyed me, and those towns have thus far done it better and less expensive than Seattle. The fact that this trend has washed up finally en masse on the shores of Puget Sound has proven a boon to those seeking higher drink prices and clothing junkfood. So you are basically going to have a 2 drink $30 night. right on.
I am disapointed in the stranger not mentioning Jim Romdall, who was one of the people involved in the Guild and is the curent manager of vessel
to matt and james: the reason you are paying $30 for two quality cocktails may stem from your attitude towards bartenders/"the mixologist crowd". quid pro quo, my surly friends.

although a craft boozeslinger, i am not a member of the guild and was not attending the party, so i cannot personally attest to how annoying it may/may not have been. personally, though, my friends and favorite customers drink cocktails as original as the trendiest of bars in seattle (and made from high-quality hooch) and get a hell of a lot more than they pay for...

but i'm just sayin'.