A Bloodless Coup

Two of Seattle's FUBU Vegetarian All-Stars


I feel like 5 years ago there were a ton of vegan and vegetarian restaurants around Seattle. Now there are, what, five? Six? None on Capitol Hill? I miss The Globe.
"Araya's hypes itself as 'vegan Thai cuisine,' which seems restrictive until you realize that the difference between vegetarian and vegan Thai cuisine is egg on your pad thai."

Um, what about fish sauce?
Still, I'm excited to try this place.
I'm not much of a vegetarian, but that was the most entertaining restaurant review I've read in, oh, ever, so I'll check these places out.
Thanks for the good info on these two places. And please, more reviews from people who are not Bethany Jean. Sorry girl, but your reviews suck and you might consider dropping the "Jean", Bethany is enough name already.
Araya's is great! Sometimes when I'm looking for punishment, I go to their lunch buffet. It's only $8 or so, and the selection is AMAZING. Seriously. Like four different salads, fried spring rolls, pad thai, fried rice, a curry, and more. SO GOOD. i go to school in LA and the first stop home is always araya's. yum.

also, if you haven't tried the squid & ink, you should. it is vegan, but also delicious. the wait staff is almost as fun as at GLC, but good enough that you always have what you need. get the poutine when you go; it's life-changing.
It's all about the Picard at GLC. It's the vegetarian version of a french dip and you cannot believe the au jus is not meat based. They have a spectacular music selection as well.
Um...In the bowl, Teapot, Hillside Quickies...all on the hill, all veggie.
as a veggie-since-birth, but not a new-agey-zealot, i really really appreciate GLC - veggie food (not vegan - i like cheese), a scruffy and rockerish enough environment that i can feel confortable, and alcohol!

squid and ink is also near by and it's vegan w/liquor... and brunch, which is one thing i'm always wishing the GLC offered
Araya's "bean composition" is scary. But they are, otherwise, completely dreamy.

As is GLC. NOM!
Love GLC! I'm not actually vegetarian, but kind of love fake meats. One note, the roasted tomato field roast comes in a bumpy log, much like the bumpy celebration loaf. It's not as tasty as the field roast mushroom loaf.

I'd recommend the BBQ sandwich at GLC (they have some geeked out name for it which I can't recall) or the artichoke dip, which actually tastes of artichokes since it isn't slathered in cheese!
Thanks for the reviews David. I *just* discovered the GLC and am completely addicted to the Baron (BBQ "ham sandwich). It's the only place in town I can find vegetarian BBQ. So damn good, and last time I was there they had vegan chocolate mousse that has ruined me for all mousse forever.

While working your way through Araya, I highly recommend the Avocado Curry and the "Veggies Beef" noodle dish. Amazing.
i've been waiting for some decent veg-restaurant review. thank you.

now i must try Araya's Vegetarian Place.
I went to Araya's for the lunch buffet once and their only rice selection was brown rice. That's right - no plain, white rice at a Thai restaurant (buffet)! I never forgave them. Just because I'm eating vegetarian doesn't mean I don't want things to taste good.
Field Roast's tomato quarter loaf also has the bumpy ridges that their Celebration Loaf has, FYI.
A co-volunteer recommended that we hold a post-event reception with a well-renowned guest speaker at Araya's. (Sorry for all the hyphens.) I had exactly the same concerns as the reviewer: the restaurant was too close to the Ave to have been designed for our quasi-professional needs. And I had exactly the same experience - WHAT A GREAT PLACE!

There were a dozen of us, and everyone loved the food. The atmosphere was perfect for the professional occasion, but also had intimacy. Really, just fantastic.

Araya's rocks -- and this is a great, eerily accurate, review.
A note to Rainking: Ballet.
ID has Vegan Garden. Super tasty Vietnamese place on Jackson just west of where Rainier turns into Boren (location is lacking, but inside it's nicer/brighter/cleaner than most local Pho joints). The staff are super friendly (some don't have the best grasp of English, but that adds to authenticity in my book). As long as you don't get turned off my the dizzying array of fake meats, or the cult-ish "Supreme Master" channel they have on the TV this place should be on every vegetarians radar; whenever I'm in that part of town I somehow find myself hungry. Try the stuffed Banana Leaf (it's a bit on the sweet side), but our favorite.
chaise longues? drinky drinky much david schmader?
Fish sauce is definitely the biggest difference.
jhanjay in wallingford is what you should be talking about!
place is a very fine place to get a meal
@ tebay and G.

Fish sauce is not vegetarian