We All Scream for Ice Cream

On the Expanding Empire of Local Ice-Creampreneur Molly Moon


this place is a wannabe knockoff of Blue Marble Ice Cream in Brooklyn, which opened at least a year before Molly Moon's did. The odds of MM visiting Brooklyn on the "r&d" trip are about 100%. The long lines and 45-minute waits are the result of understaffing. Anyone who has waited in that line to ultimately find just one person behind the counter has got to be pissed. I wouldn't call that an experience. I'd just call it unnecessary.
you've missed the point, rushy-mcrushyson.
waited in line and loved it. nice to have a good ice cream place in capitol hill!
who cares if another ice cream store opened on THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COUNTRY. get over it. Biggie is dead. Brooklyn sucks.
@Raputa: So what? At least Linda Dershang wasn't directly mentioned. Isn't that refreshing?
For the love of God when is somebody going to start offering some decent vegan ice cream in this city? Even just a sorbet flavor or two that wasn't limited to fruity flavors would be enough!
funny, i owe everything to a punk rock guy too - his name was joe. and what joe taught me was to say "FUCK YOU way too expensive, bullshit, wait in line ice cream place".

get over it people and make your own. geebuz already!
It's a beautiful sunny day, you can sit around and write hateful things on here or go get a cone and shut the fuck up.
God I hate vegans - I didn't climb to the top of the food chain to eat carrots!
meh. don't steal recipes if you can't get the shit right.
how is an ice cream place getting so much hate?

its ice cream.

I am so glad MM's has a spot on the hill - I don't get out to Wallingford all that often. FWIW, one can also submit flavor requests to Molly Moon's via their website - that might be a good resource for you, Vegan Kid (after all, more choices are good for us all)!

And a big echo on the sentiments of Who Cares, OPBTMBB, et al. Seriously? All this angst over an ice cream joint? I mean, the comments don't all have to be the stuff of roses, but please be constructive with your criticism. Bring something intelligent to the table or go to your room.
Hey That Vegan kid, Full Tilt has vegan ice cream and paletas. And way cool pinball!
so overrated. i've never understood the appeal of molly moon. is it really that successful, or just media hype? standing in line for 45 minutes for mediocre ice cream is an experience, all right. a shitty one.
you know....i heard that Molly Moon was a rapist.

No-Seriously though,
waiting in line???? helllloooo! and for what? a scoop of ICE CREAM?

i HATE how we are forced, time and time again, to WAIT for things....

and, and then....sometimes those things arent as good as we expect them to be!!! why are we forced to experience this?

and another thing....she knows some successful people! I only really support things that no one knows about, or are already lousy. the minute something i support starts to take off i'm like "eat a dick, reagan! dont force me to do this one thing while eliminating all other options!!!"

you are all RIDICULOUS! this comes down to the fact that she is a woman. if she was a man, she could be connected to fucking Marlboro and no one would flinch. So what if the stranger likes it? so what if she knows Linda? (the only connection with the shop. they know eachother)

seattle, you disapoint.
I've tried the salted caramel, balsamic strawberry, Vivace coffee, and birthday cake, and none of them stood out. The strawberry didn't even have chunks of strawberry in it. The coffee was ok, but pretty mild.

MM has great ideas for flavors, but I don't think they taste as good as they sound. The cherry pie filling cherry on the sundae was gross. I did like the hot fudge and the whipped cream, though.

I was impressed by how quickly the line moved! The employees at the Capitol Hill shop are really fast.
All of the Molly Moon's flavors suit my criteria for creepily delicious things. My only complaint is the early closing. No, not the fact that they close at 11 pm, but the fact that they start turning people away at 10:45. Several times, I have sped there with friends before going out to the bars only to be disappointed. The let down was not quite inconsolable, but close. ( I like ice cream a little too much)
Let me quote this article:

"Of course Molly Moon Neitzel, the founder and owner of the very successful local ice-cream shop Molly Moon's, has always loved ice cream. As a child, while spending summers with her grandparents, she'd get a cone every day with her grandpa. Later she spent a summer scooping ice cream in her hometown of Boise, Idaho...

But it wasn't until spring 2008 that she decided to turn her tasty habit into a career."

I don't know who Megan Seling is but from the quality of her writing I'll assume she's Dan Savage's 17-year-old god-daughter.
@11 It's the weather. Just about everybody is cranky as shit. It's not hate, its just goddam-this-winter-thing-already mopiness.

You should see some of the comments on the other articles today. Yikes.
Frozen custard is ice cream's big brother.... it is creamier, dense, smoother, and yet usually has about half the fat of ice cream. It's a funny name, but is from like the 1950's... it is HUGE in the midwest and on the east coast...

I grew up by a place called Leon's and ice cream will just never compare for me.
Ah, quit griping about the lines. If you read the article it seems clear that they understaff in order to create a long line, and thus create a "community experience". I applaud her for trying create a "community experience"; however I think most people would prefer faster service w/a place to enjoy to the ice-cream while they meet their neighbors. It is great that the Capitol Hill location is across the street from a park, it would be nice if the same could be said of Wallingford.

PS For a place with no line, and space to enjoy your desert try the new Fainting Goat Gelato, just 4 blocks East.
If you're into super creamy, dense and smooth frozen desserts bursting with flavor, you should definitely try Peaks Frozen Custard at 65th and Roosevelt. The chocolate custard is to die for and there are no people spending 20 minutes figuring out which flavor to try creating huge lines (since there are only 3 flavors every day). It's definitely busy but efficient.

Leon's in Milwaukee, is very good. I remember it well. My personal favorite was a small shop in Madison, WI called Cleary's but I think Peak's has them beat.
We're talking about ice cream, folks. It's a $3.00 investment. I live on Capitol HIll, and this is the first ice cream shop to open up in our 'hood in years. For now, it's all we got. I'm not gonna hop on a bus and go to the Roosevelt district or White Center, or hop on a plane and go to Brooklyn for ice cream!

Molly Moon's may not be the best on the planet, but it is the best in the neighborhood. It beats Dick's by a mile. But what about the line, you say. With weather like this, and a location right across the street from an urban park, I'd be concerned if there wasn't a line.

Give Molly some cred! I only wish I had the cajones and foresight to open a successful business such as hers. Don't hate on her, because it appears she's doing something right.
You forgot about Half Pint Ice Cream, the cart that is the star of the Capitol Hill Farmer's Market! I'll take Half Pint's butter pecan over Molly Moon's maple walnut any day! Plus, my friend is allergic to corn and asked a Molly Moon employee if they used corn syrup, and they do! They use the Snoqualmie Creamery's ice cream base, which has corn syrup in it - not very green or very fresh if you ask me.
as soon as my wife read the menu in a magazine, we thought it was an off-shoot of Bi-Rite in San Francisco. http://biritecreamery.com/ ... either way, sort of over-rated, but still better than most store bought.