Ballroom Dining

Upstairs at Odd Fellows Hall: The Tin Table


uh, I just looked at the menu .pdf to tell you what I had there that I loved, and it looks like they took it off.
It was the spicy shrimp, now replaced by a shrimp fettuccine dish apparently.
It reminded me of the shrimp that I ate endless amounts of when I would visit relatives on the Florida gulf coast. That kind of spoiled my subsequent shrimp encounters , until I dug into the dish at Tin Table.
Had a very disappointing meal at Tin Table. The risotto was bland and pasty, and the asian chicken salad was stuffed full of fried crispies - maybe to mask the lack of any other flavors or real lettuce (read: iceburg heaven here). Yes, its cheap, but there is a reason.
Hmm went there the first month it opened and was not too impressed (not terribly disappointed either, just a lot of bland or oversalted dishes). I had a horrible drink (something with 'ginger infused vodka' which tasted of lysol mixed with cough syrup) they were gracious enough to take it back and let me order another drink though. I'll have to give it another shot, if only for the great ambiance and good service.