The Endearing Shoestring

Me and You and Everyone We Know Should Go to A Caprice Kitchen


You had me at butter.
A Caprice Kitchen served me one of the worst brunch entrees I've ever had in Seattle: a big pile of dry root vegetables, a few pieces of dry chicken, and a couple of cheese crumbles, with almost no fat or seasoning to make things interesting. Who enjoys plain, dry beets and potatoes?
I had a lovely brunch at A Caprice, ordered a scrumptous sausage and feta souffléed omelette, served with perfectly cooked roasted potatoes and the yummy baguette. I guess we'll have to agree to disagree Sean P.
I've really enjoyed walking down a door to eat breakfast here on the weekends. I enjoy their scrambles with such fresh veggies and love, love, LOVE the Apricot Yum! they've brought from Rock Island.
The omelettes are divine! So is dinner. :)
I like the review, but Miranda July makes me want to punch everyone in the head.
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Had an excellent brunch here shortly after they opened. Unfortunately, living in SE Seattle, it's at the complete other side of town, so haven't made it back. Give it a try, you won't regret it!
Kip Schoning has never been out of Corvallis where he is a notorious slumlord, scumbag, molester,and dirtbag, and that's being nice, ban him now Stranger chickenshit editors.
Yeah, I want to support the local businesses, but I've been to Caprice Kitchen 4 times and it wasn't so great. I want it to be great. Really really wanted it to be ... but it was disappointing each time. Skip it.
I still think that for $8.00, they could make the salad look nice. Otherwise, I can just do that at home. The newness & charming shabbiness of a restaurant shouldn't persuade us to forgive missing standards.
had breakfast there. I had the baked pancake with peaches and carmelized sugar. Excellent! And not too sweet. I would have preferred link sausages to the patties I got. Also was served whole milk, and would have preferred 2%. Who drinks whole milk's fattening.

My friend had poached eggs on a beautiful bed of potatoes and beets and beet greens. It looked beautiful. She got a wonderful very warm, appeared to be home-made baguette.

Coffee excellent. We loved it!