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The 100 Percent Organic, Totally Vegan Extravagance of Plum


Yay Plum! I'm an omnivore myself, but my wife has some food allergies, and vegan is the way to go for us sometimes. This is a great location. Can't wait to try it out.
count me out
Good lord, can we get a review that isn't about a vegan/veggie restaurant? Why has David Schmader been given carte blanche to wax poetic about tempeh "creme fraiche" and monopolize inches while any mention of an eating establishment that serves actual meat been banished to SLOG? Is Bethany Jean Clement too busy with her "managing editor" duties and commenting on other critic's reviews on SLOG to have someone with a more varied palate write for the food section?
Thank you for telling us about a new vegan restaurant! I will definitely give it a try.
What makes this guy suddenly a qualified food reviewer? Just being a vegetarian isn't enough. Way to go Stranger. Always cutting edge. Why bother with professionals.
#3: This is a progressive website and newspaper. If you want reviews of the latest Burger King beef patty, watch Fox News or move back to Alabama or whatever it is social conservatives do.
Thank you for a great review of this vegan restaurant. My sister and Dad will only eat vegan foods and this will come in real handy! I've already forwarded her to your article. Cheers, Gail Slim
Who is glad that The Stranger is doing excellent reviews of unique and creative restaurants that help define the "Seattle taste"? This guy!

Well done.
Yummy. This is great. Good for Seattle to finally have its Millennium Restaurant.
@10 I hope you're being sarcastic...That's like comparing a Honda to an Acura.

I've personally always found the food from the Hillside Quickies camp to be just a little too salty, like they over saturate everything with soy sauce to compensate. We almost stopped by today for lunch, but upon inspecting the menu and finding it pretty much exactly the same as all of their other locations, we opted to go someplace else.
The only upscale vegan restaurant? What about Sutra?
Can't wait to try it! Love their other restaurants.
@12: Sutra is only vegetarian, not vegan (although they accommodate vegans).