Some Like It Hot Chocolate

Taking the Mood Elevator with Everyone's Favorite Wintertime Beverage


Marshmallow Fluff makes the best topping for hot chocolate because it doesn't disintegrate into the drink the way whipped cream and marshmallows do after a few minutes.
How could of you neglected the Chocolate Box? with its prime location next to Nordstrom's rack its a perfect respite after being elbowed by other looking for that perfect pair of shoes (not just by women).
If you're in Pioneer Square, I think Zeitgeist ( does a fabulous hot chocolate.
And you missed Theo's Sipping Chocolate - Chipotle Spice blend. Just add your choice of milk product and you're in heaven. Plus it's good for the earth - organic AND fair trade. Check out the Fremont store for samples.
This article just made me go eat a big handful of Ghiradelli's 60% chocolate chips. Ahhhhhh.
I'm pretty sure Spanish doctors in the 1700s didn't speak Olde English.

FYI here's what we drink in Spain:… 1.49€ for a liter, heat it up in the microwave!