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What Makes Re:Public So Good (Despite the Unfortunate Colon)

Dave Lamping and Martin Woods. Kelly O


Ms. Clement aspires to the literary tone of a real estate ad written by Peggy Noonan.
I'm ready for all these chefs from Seattle to come to New York. I'm ready for them to get their ass handed to them doing 250+ covers and to have the Oaxacan guy next to them cook them under the table and not be so worried about their fancy JB Prince apron and pretty 200+thread count chef coat. And, seriously, if I see another white dude posing in their bib arpron with their arms crossed looking "tough Chef Dude" I will vomit. None of these dudes could hold down a station in most NYC kitchens. But they sure do have the outfits to make them look like "chefs"
I'm ready for all these chefs from Seattle to come to Cape Town, South Africa. Do it. There are so many niches to be filled. nobody here (S.A.) knows what Pho is. or piroshky. or mexican food. please help.
Uh... yeah.
That's because it's South Africa.
Perhaps a notch above Detroit.
Dream on.
But we can't compete with the warthog and antelope dishes of Cape Town! Having visited your fair city last year (and eaten both), I was wishing for a longer stay in part because there were so many amazing and wonderfully affordable restaurants. Granted, no pho or mexican . . .
New York is so rough, NOBODY who's not from there could survive. Especially not the yuppies who refer to any Mexican as a Oaxacan (it's a province of mexico with distinct cuisine, so all kitchen workers must be from there).
That's funny @2, considering about 70% of NYC "culture" has been appropriated from elsewhere.
Props to the chefs who have made the art of food their passion...and choose to share it with all of us. Thank you!
@ 1: thats an awful lot of internet shit talking. Presumably, you havent even tried their food, but seem to be just judging these guys on their clothes in one photo. Personally, I have worked a bunch of places that did 250+ covers, but also worked the smaller places. I like the smaller joints better becase you can actually focus on individual plates, instead of being a robot slogging out the same couple of dishes over and over at those high volume places. I dont know these guys at all, but I for one would like to at least taste their food before talking smack about them on the internet. But, I do agree the bib aprons are a little played out...
Sorry, meant to direct that @ 2 in my last comment...
I second #6 and #7. I saw the food in the diner on Seinfeld. I think I could manage to hold down that station! Surely if it were on national television, the gastronomes wouldn't let riff-raff mediocrity slip through.. Otherwise Seinfeld, etc. would be eating truffles stuffed into foie gras right?

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