Food & Drink Aug 26, 2010 at 4:00 am

Enjoying the Mythical Summertime at Slim's Last Chance

Weather permitting. Kelly O


The Chili Verde over white cheddar grits is life changing. Do it. Just do.
Slim McCarroll didn't get as many chances as he should have, awesome human being that he was. He died in 2007 and "Slim's Last Chance Chili Shack" was named in his honor.

Here is his obituary in the Stranger:…
Love for Slim's! Great Food, Good Live Music!
Gosh, I got so carried away talking about how cool and hip I am, I forgot to talk much about the food. My bad.
Qh so you have never had French-ass knight of the realm Chili now have you? So what came first? the Cajun or the Texan?

Make no mistake! the French have been farting from eating beans and beef swimming in Chili powder before George Washingtons Grandpa was born!
Lindy you unfailingly make my chuckle with the way you describe things. Your elaborate metaphors are awesome.
I will be happy when this picture goes away. The brown thing looks like a slug or a turd and it totally grosses me out. What the hell is it? It really doesn't photograph well.
@7- Its a roasted chile and you wouldn't be saying that if you had ever had one... that pic makes my mouth water!

Slim's has what may be Seattle's best Chili Verde (possible the world's best entree) with actual fire roasted New Mex chiles. The fact that they'll pile it on top of other delicious dishes (I prefer it on the mac n cheese) makes it one of the best places in town to me. I will be there on the next day that reaches 75 degrees, God willing

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