Small Dishes of Delicious Things

Charles Mudede Discovers Tapas


Four flowing, poetic paragraphs about a travel dream. Less than half that for a by-the-numbers for the actual review, with a mere recitation of preferred dishes?

Restaurant reviews should talk about the food - you know: what's good (and why), what to avoid. Why a place kicked your ass, bored you, dared you to try another dish. Two sentences about the actual dishes do not do justice to any restaurant.

Charles, perhaps you should stick with politics.
Or architecture.
(Just joking,)
Man, the commenters that trail Mudede critcising his every move are beginning to get on my last frigging nerve.

I've eaten tapas in Barcelona's Barri Gotic. Whilst I could write individual descriptions of the goat's cheese, chorizo in cider, and the local speciality 'leche con pantera' (look it up) - what's the point? What was unique about the experience was the idiosyncrasy of the experience: the stone floor, the swords hanging from the wall, that the tavern owner had to go into the basement for minutes at a time to prepare the food and entrusted us (and passers-by) with his till full of Euros. Dining isn't purely about shoving morsels into your mouth; it's a sensory, social experience, and I think Charles has captured that.

(Now I feel bad for having to defend someone. Eesh. This place.)
i agree with the criticism of mudede's writing. off topic. off the point. meandering. vague.
Criminy, guys - Have you not read Charles' before, are you new here, alzheimers? When I saw the headline I thought "What the hell is Mudede doing writing about food? This'll be different." And you know what, it was. Does the slightest deviation from accepted forms ruin your day? Embrace the variety, I say, venture out. Go eat the effin' food that he suggested. Draw your own conclusions, and see if slogging all the way through Charle's meandering tale of the tapas somehow diminished your experience. Eesh. This place.
Any time Mudede does a post not about Amanda, and not featuring breasts, you have a good chance of something worth reading. I enjoyed this mini-gastro-travelogue. Although going to Spain and knowing identically zero Spanish is -so- Ugly American. Big plus points for getting away from Barcelona & Madrid, as usual for European countries, the big centers sort of suck, you have to go to 'lesser' places to get the real experience.
You haters are stupid, and I'm one who sometimes says Charles, WTF? This article was great.
De vero, amigo mio. En Espana, nadie come solo, nadie tome solo, todos nosotros estan uno en los tavernas y en las calles. Y desde nadie come comida mala, nadie se vende comida mala.
Like many, I sometimes find Chuckles' writing to be like fingernails on a chalkboard. Not this time. For him, it is surprisingly on topic. He didn't mention dialectic materialism ONCE.
Chill, little ones.
I don't understand; if you don't like it, don't read it. I don't spend every waking moment reading and ultimately complaining about the old testament. If you're already familiar with Mudede's writing, and you happen you dislike his work, why would you then read more of his work?

White liberals will find anything to complain about.
Haters all complaining they can't get the exact content from a Mudede review that they could get literally hundreds of other places these days. Stop demanding every restaurant serve you McDonald's fries, haters.
tl, dr: I've been to Spain. Ain't I cultured?
Well how about not putting rambling travel memoirs in the "food" section (I follow the Stranger's food RSS feed)? That should satisfy everyone.