Our Lady of Vegetarian Indulgence

St. Dames in Columbia City Is Pretty Damn Good


Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum. Including the kale.
When I went, they didn't have any dessert yet, so I just had a tasty cocktail, too.
What's up with vegan pie crust? Why can't they just use shortening instead of oil? Shortening makes perfectly acceptable crust.
Well...the name of the place alone makes me want to visit.
Great vegan pie crust is totally doable (most recipes call for shortening anyway, so it's a total no-brainer). If the pie crust was bad, it wasn't because it was vegan.

Glad to hear the rest of it was tasty, though! Can't wait to check it out.
I was at St. Dames tonight and had a slice of chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting -- it was off the hook! And vegan to boot. Absolutely delicious.
I was at St. Dames tonight and had chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting. It was off the hook -- totally delicious and vegan to boot!
I had the chocolate cake last night too -in the snow! It was really, really good. Both the cake, and watching the snow swirl outside of their big windows.
They served bread pudding last night and it was amazing!! Plus, how has no one mentioned the fried mushrooms yet?! Totally life altering. Love this place!
FYI - that is Our Lady of Guadalupe. You can tell by the stars on her cloak. She's a big symbol in Mexico.
You can make an incredibly good pie crust with canola oil, flour and water. That's vegan, yes? You just have to know how to do it right. It's better for fruit pies than maybe pumpkin or sweet potato pie. But for that application it's the best pie crust I've ever had.

I really enjoyed my meal at St. Dames, and if I'd been with you I would have eaten the rest of your Kale for you no problem; that was really good stuff.

The only think I wish they could do there is to put some kind of a curtain up in front of the front door, so you don't get blown with cold air every time a new person comes into the space, which is wide but not very deep. On a cold night, that recurring chill, can be kind of a drag, especially if you are seated near the door.
Sounds like typical earnest-vego slop. You can make bloody awesome tomato sauce with olives, capers and tasty things, and serve that with real gnocchi. I make cannelloni stuffed with chestnuts, two kinds of mushrooms, garlic and red wine all blended together until almost mince-like, and baked with a rich tomato sauce. Now, that's worth eating.

I love carbs, but this all sounds like stodge of the first degree. Vegan "mac and cheese" - give me a break. I wouldn't even eat the real thing in a restaurant. Not to mention the kale. Ugh.
I really enjoyed Megan Seling's review on this restaurant. I did want to pass on that cashews are not nuts, they are legumes, so those who are allergic to nuts, don't tend to be allergic to cashews. Happy eating!
I believe caraga is incorrect. Legumes include peanuts, soy, and other pod held fruits. Cashews are also "fruits" but a single seed is in each double shell.
@11: Actually, it's not typical earnest vegan slop. It's a good place. I'm not a vegetarian, and I like it.