The 2011 Dyke March Wiener Taste Test

Is This a Great Country or What?


what about the hot dogs at Bob’s Quality Meat in Columbia City? Comparing theirs to Russ’ dogs would’ve been a more valid comparison ...
I am extremely disappointed that, despite the title, it appears that no results were provided from actual dykes choking down these wieners.
what about the hot dogs at Bob’s Quality Meat in Columbia City?

I believe I speak for all capitol hill residents when I say:

"FUCK the hot dogs at Bob’s Quality Meat in Columbia City."

I'd eat Russ's weiner before Bob's any day!
"3 wieners in my mouth, what a perfect pride weekend" that guy should get his own column.
I guess The Stranger isn’t "Seattle’s Only Newspaper", it’s Capitol Hill’s ... pardon my mistake
Hemplers dogs are pretty good and not filled with lips and assholes. Made in Ferndale
Compliments to Kelly O, the author of this fun, if not terribly scientific, article. Well written, provocative (based on previous comments), and definately spurred my interest in trying a "pornographically large in both length and girth" weiner! And I might even eat one. -Sally
Compliments to Bethany J Clement, author of this fun article. Well written, provocative (based on previously submitted comments), and definately spurred an interest in trying a "pornographically large in both length and girth" weiner. And I might even eat one afterword. -Steph
If you like great food, and don't care about being labelled a "dangerous fringe element" by people who don't, amazing Seattle company Field Roast just started making frankfurters. YUM!
Russ looks like he has a mighty delicious wiener.
@10 go set yourself on fire.
I'm still confused why a frequent complaint about American meat habits is that we throw away anything that might be considered remotely weird, like organs, lips, knuckles, etc., unlike those wonderfully thrifty furriners (or Native Americans) who eat everything snout to tail, and yet when a food is mentioned that DOES incorporate the scraps and ends is mentioned, like hot dogs, it's suddenly considered gross and weird again.

Hot dogs are a great way to enjoy the bits and bobs that might otherwise be thrown out. Not everything has to be filet mignon. Some might say that hot dogs are BETTER than filet mignon, but even if you disagree with that you have to agree that for every filet mignon there's a hell of a lot of scraps that shouldn't go to waste. Waste is bad, right?

Hot dogs are great. Fancy hot dogs AND cheap hot dogs.

I'm also confused by @8 and @9 -- are you Sally, Steph, or Steve?
I don't understand the point of comparing mechanically processed hot dogs to butcher-made sausages. Isn't that why some people pay more for the gooder stuff? Why wouldn't you compare fresh sausages from several butchers? Wouldn't that be a more reasonable taste-test, and make for a more interesting article?
Sorry, Hebrew National. You've been left at the starting gate. A good hot dog needs a large measure of pork to taste right. Yours taste just boring.
@14 Allyn ... thank you, that was my point. I heart The Stranger but sometimes they stick to their club members a bit too closely. It often undermines their credibility.
dear stranger, get a food writer already wont ya? 
Great article, just wish you'd sampled a couple national brands. Only one of the three is sold here in Michigan.
Bar-S Hot dogs were chosen over Republican candidates 9 to 1 in a national dick Vs. dog poll
Was this just a stealth advertisement for Rain Shadow?
Hemplers, with Hebrew National as a good 2nd choice. Word up.
Our countrypeople will enjoy seven billion hot dogs between Labor Day and Memorial Day. On July 4th, we will engulf more than 150 million of them.
I suspect you got those reversed. Labor Day is the first Monday of September. Memorial Day is the last Monday in May. So "between Labor Day and Memorial Day" is roughly 9 months long, and does not include July 4th.