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Burning Beast Doesn't Care if It Rains

The Stranger


this is the kind of self-congratulatory smug article that I dislike. #1 only 400 people can attend - and there usually are no tickets. It is really boring to read a review of something that you will never attend... and about food you will never have a chance to eat.
@1 you had 3 days to get tickets. Move it or lose it. If the economy doesn't collapse, I'm going next year!! Burn That Beast!!
@1, wholeheartedly agree. just wanted to read who won.
I'm not mad, I just find it interesting that the Stranger has a culture of celebrating meat consumption and dissing vegetarians as a group out of one side of its mouth, and from the other, seems so concerned about those poor elephants and zoo animals, etc., letting people live their lives how they want to without judgement/finger-wagging, etc.

Case closed, didn't come to stoke a debate, just saying.
Replace young naked hippies with old (thankfully) clothed hippies, replace the drugs with meat and BAM! Same shit, different burning totem. Sounds like someone really enjoyed their time at Burning Man five years ago.
Only a limited number of people can attend any given event. How will I know if I want to get a ticket next time if I never see a review of what happened this year?
@1: When I find a story to be boring, I move on to another one. I certainly don't take the time to log in and comment on it.

I believe the feeling you're experience is called jealousy. It gets better.
Only a limited number of people can attend any given event. How will I know if I want to get a ticket next time if I never see a review of what happened this year?
"it brought to mind what Dorothy Parker once said: "If you don't have anything nice to say, come sit by me."

If D.P. ever said that, she was quoting Alice Roosevelt Longworth.
@ whiners: You don't win friends with salad.
#7 thanks for interpreting my feelings for me!You must be one of those mind-readers I hear about.

What I thought was boredom - reading yet another article in the Stranger about a Hipster event - about people running around in dirt and in the rain made me jelous.

Seriously, all I am asking for is a little variety. This event was reviewed last year as well. And the year before. Yawn

And yes, when I am bored I write and comment. I don't move on. Because writing about how much something sucks lifts me out of my boredom.

I think the Stranger is better than this article. That is why I have been reading food reviews at the Seattle Weekly lately - they are at least interesting. And I doubt they are being paid to write a positive review of something with advertising dollars.
@11: Shhh. It gets better.
@11: Because of epic boredom, you've been reading a paper you find boring for three years (you reference this time in your post) in the hopes it will finally start to entertain you. You comment every time it bores you, because your bored self can't find something better to do. You obviously read the other comments, as you respond to them, so you see that there are many people who do enjoy the Stranger's writing. I would think that you should pull yourself out of your rut, and search the vast wonders of the internet and find something that is interesting to you. More likely, I feel that you are one of those many people who enjoy being bored, bitching about everything, and hoping to get some pity from someone about it.
Bore, n.: A person who talks when you wish him to listen.
Ambrose Bierce, The Devil's Dictionary
@14: Crank, n: A person who falsely believes their chronic kvetching to be interesting enough or edifying enough to justify sharing with others on a continuous basis. See also "Monday Morning Quarterback," "Internet Commenter," and "Everyone's a Critic."
@1 That's just silly - are you also opposed to reviews of concerts that you couldn't get a ticket for? or restaurants you can't afford?

Burning Beast is a great idea, the kind of thing which deserves publicity so that people can start similar events in other cities around the world.

The chance of me ever getting to attend Burning Beast is zero, but that doesn't mean I don't want to read about it and salivate a little.
Seriously. I'm with #16, What a bunch a friggin whiners. # 11 is the kinda person who gets bored. 'Nuff said.

Anyway, sounds like a great event. Can't wait to attend. Set up my own monkeyface eel booth. Or maybe smelt. Didn't seem like either or those was truly represented.

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