Three Square Meals at Skillet

Seattle's New Favorite Diner: The History, the Upholstery, and a Review


i love Skillet Diner’s exactly what our neighborhood has needed for years! The corned beef hash is awesome, the are dinners yummy & well, the service is happy, friendly, remarkably un-snarky and they will actually course your dinner, unlike many much more expensive places. I’ve asked them to split (no problem) sub a kale caesar for any other salad (again no problem). The food doesn’t challenge your brain, but it’s not standard fare comfort either. If they served hash browns, Skillet would be PERFECT.
is this a restaurant review or a reporting of things that she has "heard"? Or both?

from the article

In additional reporting on breakfast, I've heard that the scramble with snap peas, goat cheese, and chanterelles (which changes daily and is served on top of presumably gigantic brioche toast, $9) was outstanding. The weekends-only cinnamon roll ($4) is said to be equally efficacious while drunk at night or hungover in the morning. And the strawberry-thyme fresca (also changes daily, $3) and Fonte coffee ($2) have also earned honorable mentions, and both are bottomless.

so now a food review in the Stranger is made up of things the reviewer has "heard" but not tasted or experienced? Very odd.

Also, the reviewer mentioned that a staff member at the restaurant recognized her as a reviewer. This would greatly improve the food and the service. I doubt if I eat there I will experience the same quality, as I am not a recognized food journalist and reviewer.
we LOVE SKILLET. LOVE IT. Maybe a bit too much. Our goal is to visit just ONCE per week or give up the second bedroom.

The counter seats themselves are quite comfortable but they have a fatal flaw for anyone 6 feet or taller: they are much too close to the counter.

Tall persons, such as myself, are resigned to worse-than-airline cramped legs, sore knees, or spreading your thighs wide enough to invade your neighbors' personal space.
Away with the Kerr jars!! We are not the Clampetts, we can actually use a real glass. Kerr jars are for canning, not drinking.
I've been using a Kerr jar for drinking wine for years (I do have real wine glasses for guests)! The Kerr jars are definitely part of the charm of Skillet. They need to stay!
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Bethany, read your slog post this morning… and although I agree with most of it I must say the food can be improved for a reviewer.

I have worked in the restaurant industry most of my life and a reviewer is recognized in a restaurant the best people get put on preparing their food. That your food came faster than the people around you means it was hotter, and more freshly prepared. Additionally portion size can be increased, sometimes not consciously.

Should restaurants do this... Probably not but fairly understandable. Is it your fault certainly not. At least you acknowledge what happened unlike certain reviewers in Seattle...
Well, I for one think that using the phrase "I've heard" after "in additional reporting" is too passive stylistically, and confuses the issue of whether this is additional reporting or an opinion. Surely, if you've had additional reporting, you've more than just "heard" that it's good, because presumably the people who have done the reporting are reliable.
ITA with 9 - if you're recognized as a reviewer your food will definitely be the best the place is capable of sending out, even at the expense of other customers. It's naive to think otherwise.