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Everything Is on the Table at Oriental Mart


Wonder how the folks at this restaurant like being equated with communism given the history of communism in the Philippines. I guess if a writer picks up a hammer, everything becomes a nail...
if Nazism was inclusive, what would be the problem?

I have eaten here for yeeeaaarrrssss, it is hands down the best in the city!!!!
I like the operation of Mudede's mind; he must have to struggle to make himself comprehensible enough to be salable; this implies a real talent for writing.

if Nazism was inclusive, what would be the problem?

Your totalitarianism is showing, Mudede.

This place frkn rocks, spent many a lunch hour there!!!
I think that the act of parenting is love, but the desire to procreate is selfish and looks to protect one's own future. Adults turn back into children as they age and need to rely on relatives to survive (retirement homes are barely survival).
But... I am confused about how this relates to a restaurant and the analogy distracted me from the point: this is an awesome place to eat.
The greatest obstacle to Communism is communisms: families. Marx and Engels saw this clearly. Socio-economic inequality is inevitable for so long as, and to the extent that, parents privilege their own children above the children of strangers.

Only Charles Mudede would drag a pseudo-intellectual rant about communism and nazism into a %$@%@* restaurant review

Ditto on Charlie thinking that totalitarianism is "totally cool, my brother".

*Cough cough*

"Oh good Mr. Mudede, sir, your pragmatastical protonouncements are prognostically placid in their perfection. If only you were a syndicated talk show host with a legion of adoring fans, the world would unite as one and swine would soar across the sky on wings of communism! Surely it is so."
@10 FTW. Why the Stranger continues to employ Mr. Mudede and his inane philosophical blather is beyond me. The poor owners/operators of the Oriental Mart deserve a better RESTAURANT review than Mr. Mudede seems to be capable of writing.