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Bar del Corso Makes Fancy Pizza Where a Dive Bar Used to Be

And Jerry Corso. He lives on Beacon Hill. Kelly O


There may be a lot of good food in the Northwest, but there is no good pizza.
@1 Agreed, this area can do lots of things right, beer and burgers being two of them, but pizza is not a PacNoWe strength.
Bar del Corso is seriously delicious -- I'm soooooooooo happy they've set up shop!
Ok, I was gonna let the Beacon Pub bit slide (sigh), but when you start dropping jewels about the catfish at Shell you automatically catalyst the gentrification of acquired taste of cheap "cuisine". They're just gonna raise the price (or make it shittier) now. Mums, pls.
As a long time Beacon Hill resident (eleven years this month!) I'll just say this: As long as it's not another Culinary Communion, I'm fine with it. But if they displaced the darling old Beacon Tavern for some flash-in-the-pan poseraunt that culminates in the chef/owner's emotional breakdown, I don't know what....
"...little kids jump up and down."

"...big blob of oozing..."

You make it sound so wonderful; like a really pricey, if gourmet, Chuck E. Cheese's.
I am soo glad they displaced the old very old Beacon Hill Pub that was awful at best. A decent bar that serves good food is the reason Bar de Corso is a success. Its a needed hangout on the Ave and hopefully a few more will come along. I am meaning to try the new Thai cafe down the street.
All the other big neighborhoods are full of exciting restaurants these days and finally little Beacon Hill gets a "taste" of some good food.
I've been a Beacon Hill resident for 11 years and a Seattlelite for 59 yrs.
The "clam pizza" he's making in the photos was absolutely delicious.

And I normally hate clams.
Beacon hill has been the spot I would Invest as its central and nice and surrounded in diversity. A good pizza is not hard to make but a good pizza is hard to find as is a good burger and Fry's? as is good Mexican food?
all of Seattle has improved greatly in all areas and many many good places have opened and many of the re-entering earths orbit choke and pukes "Serious Dives" have even cleaned it up and done better thanks to the weekly reports from the health department that were printed in the news paper?

around 2000 those people digging food out of the dumpster were doing so as the food was not worth paying for?
I think the success of Bar del Corso might be good anecdotal proof that Beacon Hill is ready and able to support more businesses like this. So come on all of you young entrepreneurs and creative developers! Beacon Hill is full of empty store fronts waiting for new businesses. I've lived here for over 12 years now. What is taking so long? Heck, virtually two blocks surrounding our new light rail station are just empty blocks. What happened to the urban village we dreamed of? Residents up here are hungry for new businesses. Come make it happen!!
Our beloved "World Pizza" just reopened its doors in the ID on S. King street. Same ovens, sauce and original Space Needle sofa!!
They have a kickass happy hour too! $1.50 Rainiers and $1 off slices-- screaming deal!
"Another thing I'd eat over and over: the suppli al telefono ($5), which must mean snacks to eat while talking on the phone—I love you, Italians—and translates to an especially great version of the fried rice balls with mozzarella in the middle that you get at East Coast pizzerias."

Er, no, it doesn't. It refers to telephone wires suggested by the strands of melted cheese that stretch between two halves when you pull one apart.
"Beacon Hill is full of empty store fronts waiting for new businesses. I've lived here for over 12 years now. What is taking so long?"

Almost all of the commercial property on Beacon Hill is owned by old and/or unimaginative peole. When they die off or sell off, things may pick up. Until then, what you see is what you get.
bears repeating: gentrification.
At the risk of affronting present company: no one bends a gender quite like a Filipino/a.
Author and commenters: how are we defining gentrification here?

I live on Beacon Hill, and I happen to live on a block where every house is owned by the residents.

In fact, in my census tract (WA King County - 104.01), owner-occupied homes make up 74% of housing, far higher than the Seattle city average - 48%.

It is a higher minority population--I hope we're not confusing brown populations with renter-occupied populations...

Unless I don't understand how you're using the term.

Bar del Corso is great, btw. Love the pizza.
There is nothing wrong with having a nice restaurant in a neighborhood that has longed for a meeting place with good food. Gentrification can be seen as a positive or a negative, and I think there is plenty of room for improvement on Beacon Hill. There were already changes before Bar del Corso: a couple of coffee shops and a yoga studio. And these things have been great for the neighborhood.

Bar del Corso is not trying to be a downtown, upmarket restaurant. Their prices are great for a neighborhood spot. The space is nice but not super fancy. Don't let the Italian names for dishes fool you.

As a side note, the folks at The Beacon Pub did not move because the rent was too high or because it had increased. They and the landlord decided it was time for a change.
Jerry works his butt off to make good food for the neighborhood - he is a working class, neighborhood guy and drives an old beater truck!
You could have written about the Bar del Corso without slaming the old Pub. If you are going to write about The Beacon Pub, get your facts from people who actually went there, not thoes who made quick judgements based on superficial things. They did NOT have pull tabs for starters! Many of us who enjoy the Pizza still miss the Old Pub too! I am not sure about all these new 'neighbors' who talk ill of others. Calling us 'unimaginative' and just waiting for us to die off.,,, Not very neighborly.

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