Flaming Broths and Gelatinous Tendons

Seattle's Pho Club Is as Crazy as People Who Don't Like Pho


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Great now I am HUNGRY for some Pho! Yum yum
Grant, Thank you so much for the awesome story on our club!!!!! Its a lot of fun and yeah we are crazy!!!! thats one of the things that makes us fun! :) Sean- The Seattle Pho-Natics President
Wait, you get extra tofu at Ballet? It already has so much tofu! That's why Ballet's my fave.
@ Sean: Indeed! Crazy is a compliment in my book.
What is the Pho-Natics favorite Pho spot!?
I wish the Stranger would do more stories on restaurants which are centrally located, like in Downtown/Chinatown. I hate busing it to far-flung outlying suburbs.
So far Pho So 1, I love Pho, Pho bac on rainier
Is this where I can ask where the best pho in the U-District is? Because I only ever go to Than Bros after straying to Pho Tran and getting thoroughly ill shortly after.
@9: Try Questionland!
@8 Thanks! Can't wait to get my Pho on!
For you Ballard/Greenwood types.

Pho Vietnam on 70th and 15th - Just. Pho. Quick, cheap, delicious, no expense spent on decor. Cash only.

Monkey Bridge - off 17th and Market. More expensive, like $7-$8 instead of $5-$6, nicer place, slower service, higher quality and bigger menu. Totally badass bahn mi.
And back down south, although not as far south, is the fine Pho Aroma at 5605 Delridge SW. It's about a year old, has a super friendly staff, super tender beef in the super pho. And the name of the place is super fun to try saying in different ways.