It Gets Batter

An Investigation Into the Glistening Goodness of Seattle's Deep-Fried Foods


I think I got fatter just reading this.
I love the Ebelskiver lady (and her team)!

She is amazing, and I can not pass up those delicious little balls if I'm visiting the Fremont Sunday Market.

Damn you guys, now I'm hungry.
the onion rings at the jolly roger/maritime brewery are sublime fried goodness.

best. onion. rings. evah.
Seattle definitely specializes in deep-fried fat! And it shows!
Those deep fried cheese curds at Captain Blacks are fucking amazing.
Whoa! Where is Po Dog? Deep fried hot dog wrapped as sushi? Egg Roll dog? Deep Fried Danger dog (wrapped in Bacon)??? Come on!
Pike Street Fish Fry compares favorably to London and Dublin. It's really good. The beer selection could use some work, and some form of milk would help me with the kids.

I'm writing this having never once been offered those lemons, which isn't the least bit surprising - the service is different ever single time.
If the Unicorn were in Kent or Lynnwood instead of Capitol Hill you'd be chortling about those stupid, fat-ass suburbanites and their love of religion, Nascar and all things fried.
"It Gets Batter" is a top-notch pun. I really think you need to say who gets credit for that.
The deep-fried pickles at the People's Pub in Ballard are waaay better than the deep-fried pickles at Captain Blacks's. In fact, they are the best deep-fired pickles in all of Seattle. I've eaten deep-fired pickles all over the city, and I know this to be true.

Also, the Jolly Roger Taproom has beer-battered deep-fried bacon. It's to die for. Really. It might kill you.
24th Ave NW about 3 blocks N of Market Street is a great place to order the best fried shrooms and shakes in Seattle.

Just sayin.
Nice list, but feels incomplete without Katsu Burger in Georgetown. It's new, but man is it good.
Damn, but this is a great review.

But where's my great-great-great-great-grandmudder's recipe for Dutch Apple Fritters?

(Use Wurzburger Dark Beer, unless they no longer make the stuff, in which case use the next best German dark beer for the batter.)

This reminds me of my discovery of deep-fried cauliflower (who would of thought it would be so good?) when I was at that bloody awful Parris Island in the Marine Corps.

Surprisingly good raspberry pie there also?!#*(@

Oh fish and chips in Seattle: Kyoto Terriyaki just west of the corner of Broadway and Pike (near that nasty QFC).
Well now I REALLY need to go to the Totem House.
@9 -- It was Schmader.
What about the Tempura fried bacon at John Howie Steakhouse in Bellevue! it is amazing the Happy Hour is killer and Erick And Kris are the best bartenders to talk to.
I need to do happy hour at the Edgewater one of these days. Sounds nice, and their menu isn't too pricey. Slog Happy sometime?
The Twilight Exit also does deep-fried bacon. It may not be on the menu anymore, but they will still cook it up for you if you ask.
I'm a big fan of rabbit hole's jalapeno poppers and hush puppies. Mmmmm.
To approximate the original Totem's fried fish.
Brine your cod in salt water overnight, pat dry.
roll in flour, then beaten egg and then a mixture that is 75% crushed cornflakes, 25% corn meal.

Deep fry. Everyone I've made this for has agreed that I've cracked the recipe.
Is Spud Fish 'n' Chips still open on Green Lake?

I hear Dick's has expanded to Edmonds! Wow!
Actually, previous attempts at colonizing the East Coast did end with either massacre or starvation.
I wonder what the name of the totem carver is? One of the Williams family???