Eating with an Angel

Altura on Broadway Is Awesome in the True Sense of the Word


This is an excellent and accurate review. We ate at Altura last Friday and had a great meal almost exactly as described, including watching perhaps the same couple eat their pasta while we enjoyed our second course and anticipated our third. Great restaurant - amazing artistic (and satisfying) food.
Am I seeing things? A $21 dessert?
For those prices, I expect some lettuce bikini PETA protestors thrown in ...
@2 - I think that's the cost of the wine by the glass.
As someone who is currently planning a visit to Seattle and looking for nice restaurants. What is the deal with all the Italian? It seems like almost everywhere is just a different variation of expensive with a couple places like Sitka and Spruce or Book Bindery sprinkled in. I mean Italian is great but I expected some more diversity.
Name dropping Rilke in a restaurant review? Priceless.
@6: You might like the diagnosis that A. Birch Steen has for me... and thanks! I think?