Worth the Wait

From the Earth to the Plate at Terra Plata


I love the photo of the building! It reminds me of Alice in Wonderland, which is fitting because the food here will make you feel like you've fallen down a rabbit hole. Of deliciousness.
Steelhead salmon?? If she is serving wild steelhead, which are not sustainable, I will boycott the place. If she is selling salmon, it should be labeled as such.
In case anyone is curious about whether or not you can eat Steelhead without feeling like a shit heel, good news. Not sure what @2 is going on about.

Uhh... Steelhead you get in a store or restaurant is not an actual steelhead. It's usually a farm raised triploid rainbow trout, like the ones raised in Rufus Woods Reservoir in Central Washington. Real steelhead are anadromous fish, and aren't usually harvested or sold unless you get them through natives who net them in certain area rivers.
"but I really like her—it's impossible not to"...
You've obviously never worked for her. There are legions of cooks in the city that would argue otherwise....
Absolutely yes, Terra Plata, was worth the wait!
Festive, warm, welcoming interior. Don't balk - order the $3 Columbia City bread and butter. You'll thank me later when you have something to sop all that goodness on your plates. Genuine and knowledgeable waitperson. Perfectly grilled spot prawns with chimichurri. Glad I listened to the waitperson's recommendation because the pork loin mega chop with kale, apples, polenta, and jus was perfect. The cauliflower dish made me a believer. Usually I prefer broccoli, but this was so tasty. The food was artfully arranged, perfectly seasoned, and demonstrated the attention to detail with regards to taste, quality, and temperature. The chocolate hazelnut terrine was brought out by Chef Tamara Murphy herself. I didn't need to fawn over her excessively like a fan girl. My clean plates (yes, use the bread, your fingers, heck your tongue if need be) were proof that the Terra Plata staff are doing something right. Make those reservations. Don't think about it too hard, just go already!