Please Pass the Sparkling Wine

A Report from the Communal Table at Belle Clementine


This sounds charming.
It also sounds like something to which I would never ever subject myself.
More power to the communally-eating brave, though, and best of luck to Sanford.
If you are allergic to nickel or other metals, you can paint over jewelry or other skin-contacting metal with clear nail polish to prevent issues. Now you know!
@3 Word.
What happens when you get a rash from the finger nail polish?
Do I have to sit next to the dweebs pictured? Cause if so then no thanks.
@6, but you can sit with those two and talk about how uniquely hip and different you all are because we go out to eat at new restaurants.

Really though, the whole communal thing is so funny here in Seattle. Anywhere else it would be nothing to talk about. You have to maybe act a bit hospitable, acknowledge people around you, smile...maybe say hello???! God forbid you have to have a new encounter with another human being who is outside your clique.
@7, now that we're handing out social tips, bitching about how nobody says "hi" in Seattle just reeks of social desperation.
Hey more sparkling wine helps the awkward! :) I can't wait to try it out...