The Unstoppable Fried Chicken

Plus Whiskey and Hawaiian Food at Ma'ono


I want to marry this place.
#2...better hurry-I hear the Catholic Church is circulating petitions to make that illegal.
Mark is a G and is a master of the yardbird. Salute, brother!
"Fried Chicken -- Reservations are suggested -- We use naturally and humanely raised chickens from Mt. Vernon, Wa. -- One Whole Chicken For Two 38 -- Comes with kimchi & rice -- All chickens served with kimchi, rice and dipping sauces."

Don't get me wrong I'm sure it's some tasty fried chicken, but for ~$20 a plate! This ex-southerner can't abide! Can I just bring in my own Tysons bird for 'em to fry up?!?!

Don't go if you don't eat animals.
40 kinds of whiskey? Paging Kim in Portland!

In West Seattle? Snobby suckers on Capitol Hill won't deign to come try it. But I will, next time I come to visit.
First time I've seen a review of Hawai'ian food that uses the phrase "extra nitpickily". Eh. I go fo try da spam.
Adding this place to my bucket list.
I've personally enjoyed Mark Fuller's fried chicken years ago on vacation. Best fried chicken I've had the opportunity to taste in years!
Probably my biggest vice is amazing fried chicken. Guess you can say I'm not your typical KFC fried chicken guy, that's for sure. Sounds like an amazing recipe I'd like to try someday.