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Skelly and the Bean Opens on a Salty Shoestring


THanks for the honest feedback. We'll get right on that salt problem immediately. Sure do appreciate it
BJC - Always a pleasure to read your reviews, and always a pleasure to eat at S&TB...I've every reason to believe any saline imbalances will get fixed and that the glory of Zephyr's food will be known to all! It's really a delicious place to eat!
I've had some truly splendid meals here, with no salt issues. Highly recommended.
i've been once. the space is LOUD. too loud - which was also a problem in it's former french incarnation (whose name escapes me at the moment).

i think the shape of the room (square) is most of the problem, but there is nothing to absorb or baffle the sound, and it ricochets around in there. even though there were few customers, my MIL could not hear conversation at our table, and it wasn't easy for me either.
We've eaten there three times (so far) and the food has been delicious every time. We had no too-salty problems; I seldom use more than a pinch in cooking, so I don't think that I overlooked anything during our visits.

I suspect that any over-seasoning may be a momentary/bad-night problem -- the cooking has been excellent for us and we're looking forward to taking a birthday group there next weekend. We very much hope that S&tB grows into a neighborhood mainstay business!
Having reduced my salt intake over the past year, I am now very sensitive to salt and have not encountered an over-use of salt in my dining experiences at Skelly & the Bean.

I know Zephyr and her team will take this feedback to heart and keep an additional eye on further improving the dining experience at Skelly. With Skelly's focus to local quality, Skelly is a welcome addition to the neighborhood and hope anyone who has encountered a negative experience revisit to find the quality typical of this establishment.
I hate to say it but I completely agree with Bethany. Not so much about the salt, but about the food being not particularly great. I was very excited to come to S&TB, and the service was awesome. The food was sweetly inventive when it came to certain touches - gluten free bread basket and pickled vegetables as a little side dish. But both the pasta and the chicken were dishes my husband and I looked up from with the same thought: we could have done this better at home.
$15 for a hamburger?
I've really enjoyed *everything* I've had at Skelly and the Bean. No salt issues for me or my companions. Off night perhaps? Highly recommended, especially the simply amazing butterscotch dessert.
I've eaten three times at Skelly and the Bean now -- they're walking distance from my house -- and honestly, I've never had a single over-salted dish. The ham-and-eggs I had time before last were lovely, the yolk silky tender (soft-boiled yolk); the sorbets are glorious; they bring luscious gluten-free bread to the table for my gluten-intolerant partner (and they have gluten-free pasta!); I'm taking a party of friends there next weekend for my partner's birthday. I've liked the vegetable dishes enough to order them and eat them on purpose, though I'm pretty much a hard-line carnivore. Bottom line, I guess, anybody can have an off night, but they're three-for-three in my experience.