Hot Cakes and Boozy Shakes

It's Not Just Another Cupcake Shop


Went there last night. The place is really cute, Autumn was very nice, and the S'mores molten cake was unique and delicious. The chocolate was super-satisfying. We did that after dinner, rather than stay at the restaurant for dessert.
Feh. Go to a different place for dessert after spending a decent amt on dinner? I'd rather have a cupcake or whatever molten thing the dinner establishment makes.
So first it's the funksters, and now you're trying to rile up the bearded twill-pant-wearing folk crowd? Will you never learn? Do you really want to be subjected to a weekend of forced beard-folk listening?

Side note: I don't know about the options in the restaurant, but they do make a delightful vegan molten cake and vegan caramel sauce, for people who are into that sort of thing.
I like the concept, and I liked my salted caramel milkshake, but I still felt the other desserts were way too tiny (and I'm not usually one to complain about portion sizes). The creme brulee in particular struck me as the size of a dessert you get at a painfully pretentious and overpriced restaurant, where offering more than two bites of dessert is considered bourgeois.

I guess I could double-fist my desserts at Hot Cakes, but more likely I'd just get my dessert on elsewhere.