Food & Drink Jul 18, 2012 at 4:00 am

The New Edition of Green Leaf Is Even Better

Vietnamese food and live goldfish. Kelly O


Ah, Green Leaf. Their shortribs are so killer! Last time I was there Eric Ripert was eating at the next table.
I love the Labor Temple. It's very Patricia Neal. When I was in the Stagehand's Union (I never made it off the call list) I used to have to go there to do knot tests. The last one I took, I was so incredibly hungover that I really don't know how I passed. (That was 25 years ago. I don't think I could consume as much these days. Nor could I remember any of the knots)

Later, I went there a few times for events at the Auditorium, which is also quite Moderne.

Just down the street was the IBEW (I think. That or the Machinist's Union) headquarters, which is equally severely fabulous. They moved out and it's a church or something now. Or maybe it's gone entirely. I don't get to Belltown much.

Oh, and who can forget the Catholic Seamen Club?
You forgot to mention their Iced Coffee, which is like no other iced coffee on earth, not even in other Vietnamese restaurants, and is the most delicious ambrosia ever brewed. Seriously, I'm almost peeing just remembering how it tastes. If the best cup of coffee you ever had was a "ten", that stuff is a "ten thousand". I dare you not to moan out loud.
Best place to eat why? Food is delicious, it comes out fast, can still treat my friends without breaking the bank, usually can meet some pretty trendy people at the bar.
Oh man, I had time to kill last Friday in that area. I must say, the name made me think it was a pot dispensary. I will go check it out, sounds cool.

P.s. not sure a hard-drinkin' union prez would go over too well these days. My union's prez was voted out after one term because of all the boozy shenanigans.

P.p.s: that architecture!

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