The Lady, the Gerald, and Hunger

Three Brand-New Places with Booze and Food


Oh em gee!! Walnut-lentil loaf in mushroom gravy!!!!!!11oneoneoneunouno

...but is it vegan?

I can't find their menu online.

Hey, Neighbor Lady: you guys need a website with a menu.
Good review on Hunger.

Miss Dad Watson's, but nice to know I can still drop by for some nice drinks.
I was so happy when I heard that The Neighborhood Lady was replacing poor Thompson’s Point of View ... but sadly, it employs the same soggy service style at The Twilight Exit. Both places could use an upgrade from order at the bar service to having actual table service. I bet they would sell more of everything if they did. I know of at least 4 households on my block that have expressed something similar ... hire a server or two Stephan .. and open TNL for brunch, you’ll rake it in
Sounds like this reviewer of hunger has no idea what she's talking about...hunger is by far one of the best food an drink experiences I've had in Seattle....I highly recommend skipping this review and go straight to hunger for dinner,drinks and dessert...
Hi Lola6174: Make sure and let all the other reviewers giving mediocre reviews know they're full of shit too.
Love the lamp! A Christmas Story anyone? :)
First experience at Hunger last evening. Excellent stuffed dates as described above. Charcuterie plate had good variety, tasty pickled carrots and radishes. Diablo shrimp had nice flavor but needed more heat. Enjoyed the meal overall but our server, obviously new to serving, put a damper on our experience. He just seemed kind of "checked out". Won't rush back to Hunger.