Food & Drink Dec 5, 2012 at 4:00 am

Prepare the Hyperbole for the New Location of a Wallingford Favorite

Kelly O


Anybody read Korean? I'm curious if the sign just repeats the English, or if there's a joke in there. (Did the original Joule open in 2007, like the sign suggests? Seems like it has been around longer, but I can't remember)
Sounds much better than calling it the "Foot-Pound". See? Metric is better.
Ohhh... so Joule is a place where you can buy food.

It was an utter mystery in the text before the jump. :)

Fun description though.
"Gold / Diamonds / Watches"
I quit reading after the first two paragraphs. Does the review pull out of that tailspin?

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