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Recent Restaurant RIPs


Well this is a lot of depressing news to start my morning with. There are a lot of great places on this list. Any word when the Canterbury is closing?
I went by Costas Opa and spoke with Costas and I can more or less confirm the corner will now house a Chase Bank branch. Yay!
Costas Opa retired after Chase offered to buy out his restaurant to make a downtown Fremont bank branch.

When I first started going there, it had a great view of the canal from every floor.
@3 Yeah I figured as much. I walked outta there going "what a coup" for him. I at least more or less, again, confirmed that the old building and facade will stay in place.
Oh and again @3 about the view of the canal. You ever seen that John Wayne movie McQ? His house boat was right there, maybe a little west of there, but right there. If anyone wants to see Seattle as it existed in 1974 fire up your netflix and get McQ.

Best line ever in a movie too. At the very end Wayne says, "hey, there's a bar over there. Let's get a drink." Roll credits. . .
@5 Sorry, *EAST* of there.
You've got: "PAU HANA on Capitol Hill: In that weird space where nothing lasts behind Skelly and the Bean."

Skelly and the Bean is also closing.
Oh Pho Tai, how I mourn thee. You were never the best pho nor bahn mi I've ever tasted - but for outside the International District you were great. Your staff was quick, friendly, and never judgmental no matter how quickly/slovenly I stuffed your sandwiches in my face. You never so much as raised an eyebrow on what were clearly hangover mornings and multiple walks of shame, regardless of how disheveled I was. You would gleefully take orders up until you're wonderfully late closing time, you had free parking, Your huge patio was great for people watching on sunny days. I will miss your cute waiter and bad Vietnamese top 40 on the speakers. Your tofu bahn mi was amazing. RIP, my friends.
Not surprised by the BBQ deaths in Ballard. I've eaten at both of them twice and decided that the cooks have never actually eaten barbeque.
So, the first thing you'll see after crossing the bridge into Fremont will be a giant Chase Bank? That'll help maintain the supposed independent feel-good hippie vibe of the neighborhood. Their neighborhood planning committee must be as impotent as Capitol Hill's.
@7: You are correct, sir (if you are a sir?), but it'll be open until Dec. 20th, so we did not include it here. That space has had a lot of turnover, too... HAUNTED CORNER???
Always sad to see closings (unless the place is just horrible - and usually horrible places don't last two or three years or more). Most of these places I consider relatively new and most of my old haunts are long gone...but circle of life, right?

When a number of good restaurants go under, it says more about the economy, I think, than it does about service, food, and location. Not everyone these days can afford $22 entrees that turn out to be a half cup of food. When I decided about 10 years ago to try to live on less, one of the first things to go was an occasional night out at a good restaurant. Just undo-able on a small budget. Got to the point where I'd take a friend out and the tab would be $75 or more (and we'd be hungry an hour later). Fine if you have a great salary, but I don't anymore. Still, very sad to see an establishment serving excellent food and providing excellent service not be able to make it.

Anybody know when things are going to get better?
So the co-opting of Fremont is now complete. Anyone know if Chase will have a bike-up window?

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