Shots of Fireball, Padma Lakshmi, and GMOs

Kitchen Confessions: The Year 2012 in All Its Regrettable Splendor


Wow. Linda has actually named one of her eateries Bait Shop? Didn't that use to be a restaurant zinger?
I'm really glad Ethan Stowell has nice Mariners tickets. Good for him.
Thanks for rubbing it in Ethan- you smug bastard.
I LOVE that William Von Schneidau regrets not burning his toe tops. I haven't been to his establishment, but I respect his priorities enough to find it and give it a try.
I was going to say the same thing about Stowell. Fuck that guy and his mediocre restaurants and hipster douchebag staff.
My regrets are very similar to Linda's.
I regret that I live in a city that would rather have chi-chi ice cream shops and bubble tea places than an old fashioned drugstore soda fountain. Is Big Scoop at Mount Vernon the only place within two hours' distance?