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The Real Deal at Italian Family Pizza and the Unreal Von Trapp's


Did you actually review a place on their opening party?
ate there a few weeks ago after moving downtown - this place is fucking good!
Capitol Hill, the neighborhood, apparently has no boundaries anymore.
Amaro Belongs To Me
"Meanwhile, on First Hill..."

There, fixed that for you.
"He advances a stunning theory of geographic pizza-superiority: The southern border for good pizza on the Eastern seaboard is Trenton, and the northern border is New Haven; all else is beneath consideration "

This is undeniably true and not a stunning statement at all!

I'm from Queens. This guy knows what he's talking about. Yes on Ray's..overrated!

You can get it in Queens, on Liberty and Lefferts (hey, that's where Gotti lived, you'd think they can make a pissa-pie, right?)

You can get it in New Brunswick. Leave the refineries, grab the cannoli! I'm so there next stop to Seattle...
Shame on Bethany Jean Clement: how unprofessional and just plain rude to sneak into a restaurant's opening party and then have the audacity to PRINT A REVIEW. Unbelievable.
Calozzi (Al, to be exact), was in Belltown before he was in Pioneer Square or Georgetown. At the corner of First & Blanchard, in the back corner of Belltown Billiards, below the Queen City Grill.…
I second 2-0-sickness' comments about reviewing a restaurant that opened three days ago. Bethany, play like a pro, please.
I'm dying to check this out. I hate white pies too.

Ray's is like the subway. The price of the slice was the same as the subway for like 20 years. You can grumble about Ray's (if you're from NYC), but it's convenient and a lifesaver when you're poor in New York. Of course, there are better places. What is Gray's Papaya a travesty too?
Stopped into Von Trapp's last night. While the beer list is impressive, the range of glass sizes just seems excessive. The decor did remind me somewhat of the German beer halls I've been in, but it feels a little overdone; the indoor bocce courts, however, are great, although they definitely have a different feel from natural outdoor courts, and as Bethany points out, they're already starting to develop grooves and "lanes".

The food though was rather disappointing. We sampled several of the wursts and I found the Curry wurst disappointingly bland: the brat itself had a nice texture, but was almost completely flavorless (not to mention room temperature), and seemed like it had simply been grilled, then topped with a not-very-generous dollop of curry ketchup. Worst, the "frites" were clearly nothing more than regular slender-cut American fries, lacking the distinctive crispness that comes from double -frying. Adding insult to injury, the waitress asked me if I wanted ketchup or mustard with my "frites", which, frankly, I consider a culinary faux-pax bordering on abomination.
Wow. What shameless and tacky reporting from Bethany. Obviously the Calozzi family relationships are strained. Way to dig the knife in "their poor mother's" back by getting into personal details. Focus on the food.
Von Trapps looks amazing, I have been looking forward to it and realized it was open when we walked by it last Saturday. Unfortunately we failed to going in side since we had just finished eating and drinking the delicious gin and fresh OJ at Presse.

I wonder about the blandness but on the other hand that seems rather authentic for German food, When I was living in Berlin squats we use to give the Germans siracha to our amusement. though COMTE's description of the frites sounds rather disappointing.
@13: I didn't report on anything that isn't already well-known. And have you seen Italian Family Pizza's Facebook? The family's not keeping any of it a secret:

Italian Family Pizza
February 6 near Seattle via mobile
F.Y.I. There seems to be a rumor going around from a very ugly source, "Al Calozzi?" Unfortunately my husbands mothers other son, that there is a law abiding contract forbidding us from using our own last name in our PIZZA shop, truth of the matter is that, WE WANTED NO PART OF "AL CALOZZI," he is furthest from the truth! Hopefully he can stop driving by our place and carry on with his life. If anyone is interested in, "the truth," feel free to ask us. Al don't just drive by, give it a try!

But thanks for reading!
I went to the opening of Trapps and was pleased. Good service (considering the rush), great immersive decor, cheap prices on liters of beer and cider, and it drew a pretty fun crowd.

The food wasn't the best German I've had, but it kicked the ass of other German-themed bars in the area.

More than anything else, the spaciousness was the greatest plus. Even at capacity, I never felt shoved against anyone else, I never felt uncomfortable and squished (I avoided the bar areas and had table service.)

Went to Italian Family last night and got the personal size. Was truly great...this is what Seattle needed! Will be back...might even have to drive in for my pizza fix...wish they had Sunday hours for that.

Thanks again, Bethany. I have been out of touch in the food world (Seattle proper) for years (goddamn Facebook). At the next opportunity, I'm taking my NY transplant husband over to this place.
Anyone who can say, "I hate white pies," has not tasted the Pizza Bianco at Pizzeria Uno in Harvard Square. It was epic! Deep dish, enough cheese to sink a battleship, sauteed criminis, and lots of garlic (I think they may have used garlic juice). Other worldly. We used to sneak it into a nearby theater and it stunk up the whole place with a good way.

Tragically, because of it, most pizza is a bore to me now.
Does either (or both) Italian Family Pizza and Von Trapp's have gluten-free pizzas? I'd love to try 'em, but have to watch my gluten, carbs, and sugar.