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Recent Restaurant RIPs


One more to add to the list: The Baskin-Robbins at Green Lake that has been there pretty much forever. A sign on the door says the rent got too high for them, so they're outta there.
That's a drag about the Baskin Robbins .. we were just there. There was a little frost on the orange sherbet, always a bad sign at ice cream places.

The Little Shanghai was all right. I once saw the girl behind the counter plant a big old baby on the countertop where the to-go food was staged, and it grossed me out so much I avoided it for years; but last time I was there, two years ago, it was ok.
Man Little Shanghai made a killer General's chicken that was huge and spicy. Came with giant broccoli too.

I guess people preferred Marination Station instead.
Man I used to really like Little Shanghai when I lived on the Hill. Hard to find good Chinese outside of the ID.
Interesting fact about the Cafe Appassianato owners: the husband was the head basketball coach of the Iranian Woman's National Basketball team prior to the revolution that pretty much eradicated the concept that women could play basketball in Iran.
Skelly and the Bean was so mega meh with poor service...good riddance. Seriously, what a terrible name as well (regardless of the back story).
@5: They would also made an absolutely fantastic and unbelievably strong Turkish-style coffee (or Persian-style, perhaps) after the morning rush died down. Best in Seattle.

I wish them well and selfishly hope they choose to set up shop somewhere more convenient for me to get to than the top of Queen Anne Hill.

@4: Paratii was oddly busiest on it's most informal night: Monday, when random jazz musicians converged for a jam session that invoked a little bit of the old Chai House spirit (minus the patchouli and drug addicts).

The owner's specialty was creatively infused liquors, which were always intriguing if not always successful. I'm certainly curious to see what he comes up with in his next endeavor.
[Err... those were responses to @6 and @5, respectively.]
Little Shanghai felt like the real deal. The lady in the front; the man in the back. The lady never smiled; the man never stopped cooking (steam, sizzling, stirring, tossing). The lady never trusted a pattern. She always asked me if I wanted either a free can of pop or free wonton soup, despite the fact that, during the decade the place was in business, I not once changed my answer (the latter).
Also, a long time server at the Icon Grill and dear friend, Chafik Chabbi passed away after a fight with cancer. RIP my friend.
Western Bakery and Dim Sum: Failed because nowhere to park in front of Viet Wah, especially on Saturday and Sundays!