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You Don't Measure a Sandwich's Success with a Ruler


The correct web address for Now Make Me A Sandwich is nowmakemeasandwich.com. The link above doesn't work because you have a space between the Now and the make.
The "El Centro" in the top photo, from Beacon Ave, is the most A+ delicious, jalepeno-cilantro-spinach-having sandwich that I've ever tasted
Why do people go to Subway?
(1) Ingredient and sandwich names are consistent everywhere;
(2) You can ask for (and get) exactly what you want on the sandwich.

Sure, there are great artisan sandwich shops everywhere. But no one goes to Subway expecting a new, amazingly tasty, designer sandwich. They go to have a predictable, controllable, and ultimately comforting experience.

So what's the point of bashing Subway again? Oh, right--we're giving people a predictable, controllable, and ultimately comforting SLOG experience.

Carry on. :)
@3, that bland consistency is especially valuable when traveling. I've eaten some mind-bogglingly horrible sandwiches on the road before. It's funny how you can usually trust a taqueria in remote places you've never seen before but not the diners.

I'm going to have to give these a try. Eggplant Parm is my favorite sandwich, even in the grisliest pizza joint. And there's no such thing as a bad torta.

Paul, how does Sub Sand in the ID rank in your pantheon?
Re: There's no reason, when you live in a city, to eat a damned Subway sandwich. No excuses. There's always a better sandwich within five minutes' walk.

Not in West Seattle there is. However, you can drive a mile here or a few miles there and get some very good burgers at Zippys in White Center or Elliott Bay Brewing on California.

Subway is ok on short notice for a decent sandwich to keep your blood sugar up prior to going someplace where you can't eat or the food is too expensive.

Additional subway benefit is the $5 footlongs. Most Mom and Pop delis/places are either 1) a lot more $$ for a sub and/or 2) much less food (excluding the bun as well).
One of the best sandwiches I have ever had was the grilled pork at Paseo in Ballard.
Hey subway defenders, have you been settling for less your entire lives?
The best sandwich I have had lately is at American Pie in Georgetown. Yes its a pie shop but they make a mean sandwich. I went in there for pie and left with a freakin awesome sandwich and a piece of pie. So they make latin american type sandwiches. They had a cuban and a argentinian style sandwich but I tried the Pollo. It was marinated grilled chicken to order with this pesto mayonaise and onion jam. It was fantastic. The onion jam alone was amazing but the sandwich rocked. Oh and the chocolate caramel pie was delish too.
Snobby snarky bitches. I love all sandwiches and wont visit any of the places you suggested. You stranger writers are friggen children. Naive silly snarky bratty children. Spoiled snobby brats.
Maybe we don't want to go to those places because, unless you live downtown nearby, getting there is not worth the sandwich.

I mean really - Pike Place? Who's near Pike Place on the regular? Broadway Ave, same story. Nightmare traffic and parking. Too much of a headache for a sandwich when you're hungry and there IS a Subway five minutes away.
I get the point of the article - introduce new, great sandwiches with a clever little theme - but bashing Subway eaters doesn't work. You should have chosen the best sandwich in each neighborhood.
-West Seattle Chick
Where is Beacon Ave Sandwiches in relation to the Beacon Hill Light Rail Station? About how far from? Thanks much. -Alex.
Nevermind, figured it out.
These sandwich shops are simply too logistically challenging for those of us who don't live in the neighborhood or work across the street.

Seattlites seem to have annointed only a few locations as being restaurant worthy even though the turnover in those areas often appears to be faster than the speed of light. Here's another batch in those same favored areas. The sad truth is we'll very likely be reading about the demise of two of the three in the not too distant future.
"This is a small sandwich" pretty much says it all. They are tasty but $8 there are better options. There is huge need for a great sandwich place on Beacon Hill and I was hoping that this place was going to rule, it fell short. These appetizers posing as meals are not cutting it.
to the west seattle sandwich complainers - ever heard of Husky Deli or Bakery Nouveau?