Put Your Fake Meat in My Mouth!

(I Beg You)


I'm going to nitpick a bit here. I went back to your original slog post and found the comment that "rabidly" endorsed the Chicken Parmesan at Razzi's. The only comment I could find that mentioned the chicken parm was mine, in fact:

If you don't mind a little venture, order the chicken parm from Razzis and have them make it vegan for you.

Hardly a "rabid" endorsement, unless there was another thread about fake meat that I missed. The rest of the comment was mostly about the Beyond Meat substitute that they use, which I was more enthusiastic about than the chicken parm itself. Also I probably should've specified sandwich but if you couldn't get past the sauce there probably wasn't much that would've swayed you.
I think Bamboo Garden deserves some honorable mention in this category.
Bamboo Garden has got to be the best place for fake meat in the city.
Have you been to Bamboo Garden on Roy? Tiny place, worst bathrooms ever, but every. single. thing. on their menu is fake meat deliciousness.
Ah yes, so now Cienna Madrid like Bill Gates's meat.


Evidently, she hasn't yet been raped by Windows 8
@1, I also got a follow-up email enthusiastically endorsing a few dishes/places, among them the chicken parm. The sheer volume of !!! included convinced me to try it. That's the comment I'm citing when I say rabid endorsement.

@3,4, I have been there and it is delicious. We chose the restaurants/dishes based on places that we hadn't recently reviewed to ensure we were covering new ground. Otherwise, that would've been part of the mix!