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New Places for Stuffing Faces


Gastropod and Epic Ales are both awesome - but they're in SODO, not Georgetown!
@1: Fixed, thanks!
Nothing open in Capitol Hill: a sign that we're nearing max restaurant saturation?
Harbour Pointe? Sounds like a shoddily-built McMansion subdivision or a highway-adjacent motel. Ugh, enough with the extra U's and E's.
Gonna have to check out Golden Wheat Bakery, gluten be damned! I got a laugh out of the choice of phrase to boldface: reportedly great challah and bagels. I'm always on the lookout for standout challah.

It seems like all the high-end bakeries, for all the great breads they do--they can never quite get challah right. It's just bland starch with limp crust. Or maybe they do get it right and conventional-made challah just is like that. My point of reference is my mom's homemade challah, which happens to be the most decadent, irresistible bread I have ever tasted.