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Peddler supports beer, bikes and dogs I believe.
Hooboy, all I can say is that if you eat two croissants, a cream cheese danish, an oatmeal raisin cookie, and a chocolate chip cookie from Nouveau all in one leisurely sitting, you're going to have a wonderful time if you're like me last Saturday afternoon.
I know it's probably weird to order the pizza at a bakery, but the basil + sausage slice I got at Nouveau was almost an 100% perfect slice! Mmmm!
Goes well with the Stranger's laser-like focus on white yuppies.
I agree with Kelly @3! Their pizza is incredible. (The sweet stuff is great, too, but the pizza was surprisingly good.)
West Seattle's Bakery Nouveau, which is French for abso-fucking-lutely nothing -- "boulangerie" and "p√Ętisserie" are both feminine nouns, and "bakery" has no business having a French adjective appended to it anyway -- is the single most overrated establishment in this entire city.

Their American-style baked goods (brownies, cakes) are just fine, if not terribly special. I have no idea about the pizza (because ???).

But stay away from anything that claims to be authentically French. Lifeless puff pastry, sickly-sweet fillings, ham-fisted facsimiles of dumbed-down recipes abound. And their macarons -- no, not "macaroons", morons, which are something entirely different -- are the driest, most oversized, most bombastically overflavored, and saddest representations of that delicacy that I have ever encountered in this country that is notoriously bad at making them.

Bakery Nouveau has become my litmus test of Seattleites with terrible, mass-delusion-generated taste.
Harry's is lovely Chix. Go get some.
Oh, shit. I just noticed that the Bakery Nouveau website refers to the new 15th Ave East location as "Downtown Seattle".

My god. Is there any basic matter of language or geographic fact those idiots can't mangle?

Crumble & Flake need not worry.
Does anyone know anything about Fuji Bakery? I keep passing by it on the way home on 15th Ave W (Interbay) and it looks like it's getting close to opening.
@9: Haven't heard anything in quite a while... I think they had said spring, so that would be now-ish. I'll inquire!
@9: They say:

Thanks for checking in! We're aiming to open the third location before summer starts, so hopefully around late May or early June.

And they will post it on their Facebook and website for all of our information.