The Glorious Union of Pie and Booze

Meet the Identical Twins Who Run Seattle's Brand-New Pie Bar


Why would they do this? Its like they designed a drink menu for 21 year old girls. Pies are great, but they are not cocktails.
Yeah, I totally agree. Pretty dire-sounding.

But from what I remember seeing walking by during construction, it will have a pretty good selection of beer and cider on tap, so there's that...
Summary of the press release they taped to their window while doing construction: "Identical twins from Lynnwood open bar on Capitol Hill with inheritance money."

It was so inept I kinda felt bad for them. Maybe SLU would have been a better idea?
Sounds like a Cheesecake Factory mishap. Bit I don't want to be cruel, so it would be good to try before judging.
You stole my line!

Two Bells has been making very good pies from scratch for a couple years now and I've been saying to them the whole time, 'Vodka and pie is like bubble bath for tough guys.'

In fact, I'm sitting at the bar there right now with pie and vodka while posting this...
I walked past yesterday and saw one of them madly dragging away on a cigarette outside just before they opened... then she jumped back into the shop and started working. I sure hope she washed her hands and brushed her teeth before she served anyone.

I had thought about going in to check it out, but now I'm not so sure.

Good call. I'd be scared to try them too. Always better to be safe than sorry.

And we all know it's better to feel safe than to actually 'be' safe...
Once you try it you will become a fan. Have been several times and will keep coming back. The Twins are so passionate about their customers and pies. They have 5 stars on Yelp for a reason. I promise you won't be disappointed!
@6: Oooh, golly. Sounds like they might actually exist as people in the real world, rather than as mere automatons there to provide you with consumer-friendly pleasures. Scary...
Variety is the spice of life. When I think of pie and booze, I think of Bada Bing, but here someone's thought outside the box.
Is their logo still in Curlz MT?
"Bartending in Arizona" wasn't, i'm sure, meant as a euphemism. But it would be a great one.

Oh, and @6 ... please move.
The new Cap Hill everyone! Pietinis and platinum highlights!
@6, right, because no one else in the food or bar industry smokes....
Gross. Good thing for them, the hill is occupied more and more every day by the kind of people that drink sugar and vodka together. @12, you are right. I totally thought it was Chili Pepper, but I've been out of touch with crappy fonts made for children. Enjoy your little slice of bulls#it, New Hill.
Are their pie crusts still full of rendered pork fat?

Because even back when I ate meat, I thought that was pretty gross.
Can we all stop calling things "crack," please?
19 is everything that's wrong with the "new cap hill".I was a queer artist/activist in Seattle in the 90's and recently moved back,but am already planning my escape.The funkiness,multiculturalism and individuality of Seattle is GONE,replaced by overpriced cookie cutter mixed used condos with chain banks and chain eateries on the ground floor,it doesnt feel safe to be queer in cap hill anymore,and you look down broadway and it could be any gentrified,mass-market appeal street in the US.These fake blonde pie-tini (seriously????) dispensing women will fit right in....but the artists,queers and activists seem like theyve mostly moved other cities.
God, you people are such ridiculous assholes. I've lived here for 17 years, and I hate what's happened to the neighborhood, too, but this business isn't one of the problems AT ALL.

Some of us actually grow up and don't want to spend every single night at a dingy bar with loud music and kids who don't wear deodorant.

One of the major complaints my husband and I have is that there's practically nowhere mellow to go when you just want to have a quiet night out. Every business is packed to the teeth with loud, obnoxious drunk 20-somethings ALL the time. This is literally a tiny cafe with the most genuine, friendly owners who gave us great service (something that's really damn hard to find here) and made delicious drinks. Who the fuck cares if they're from Lynnwood? Most of the punks I've met in the time I've lived here grew up in the suburbs.

This is a great place to go on a date if you're beyond trying to prove how fucking cool you are and just want to chill and not find yourself surrounded by douchebags.

Pie. Cocktails. Two of man's greatest inventions. Whether they go together is a valid topic of a real in-depth review. It's not like they area slinging pudding and Kool-Aid. It's pie. And cocktails. Give 'em enough slack to either prove themselves or hang themselves.