Now Open

New Places for Stuffing Faces


The Dish opened a second location at 65th and Latona today.
Bloom Bento in Ballard
Jesus, that's a lot of new restaurants.
In a list of three, Ms. Clement, Tavern Law is the last, not the latter.
Also, yum.
@1 and 2: Thanks! We will get those in the next Now Open. Bloom looks like it has potential...

@3: I KNOW! It's nuts!

@4: Mr. Merriam, Mr. Webster, and I must beg to differ:…
...but thank you sincerely for the well-intended scrutiny! I quite panicked for a minute there. And, yes, YUM.
A usage note in my trusty (bound paper) American Heritage, 3rd edition, which once sat beside the Chicago Manual of Style on my desk at The Stranger in the days when books did such things, rather splits the difference:
'Grammarians have often insisted that the phrases "the former" and "the latter" should be used only to refer to the first of two things and the second of two things, respectively. [...] It is not difficult to find examples of violations of this rule in the works of reputable writers. But the fact that "former" and "latter" are plainly comparative will make many readers uneasy when the words are used in enumerations of more than two things, much as would the analagous incorrect use of a comparative in a sentence such as "Her boys are 7, 9, and 13; only the younger was born in California."'