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We Heart Salads! Especially These Ones!


Disagree about the Whole Foods salad bar. If you're getting an actual salad -- you know, with greens and veggies, and maybe a sprinkle of beans and a touch of meat -- you can get out of there for $5. And you won't end up eating 1000 calories like you do with the restaurant salads.
Another great salad is California Pizza Kitchen's Roasted Vegetable Salad.
They can be found at Northgate Mall.

Also, Twigs Bistro around the corner from them, does a great cesar with slices of cheese and toasted pecans.

I also love the Blushing Lettuce at Sunlight, it's less ricey, and has the amazing tahini dressing, that is indeed made of god particles. I agree.

Bastille in Ballard also does a great toasted hazelnut goat cheese lemon salad, and Steelhead Diner does an amazing hazelnut and lavender goat cheese, which is to die for.

I love salad, thanks for the article! :)
The soup/salad category is very much an black hole here in Seattle. Yeah I know there are a few places but with all the health conscious granola's here, you would think there would be some market for more places.
The quality of the facilities at the Cheesecake Factory are so good that you'll forget where you are, and lose yourself in the high-end interior decoration, though even if you look through the windows, you will be greeted by an incredible view of the inescapably beautiful urban landscape that surrounds the area. I was unable to take photographs whilst inside the facility, but the sheer quantity of aftershaves/colognes offered by the bathroom staff blew me away. Perhaps some members of society will be used to such luxurious conditions, but I was not, and I would definitely go back for the experience again. Please be aware that it is customary here to tip the toilet attendants, and things can get pretty ugly if you don't.
More salad shop are coming...this is only the beginning. Why do you think I chose the name Seattle Salads?
Saladgirl, come up to Northgate!! We need you.

Matador in Ballard and West Seattle also do some great salads.
I agree, Megan - the Pagliaccio salad at Pagliacci is fantastic! I've been tempted to tell them that I have very specific food allergies and have to be very careful about what I ingest, in order to get them to reveal to me the ingredients list for their salad dressing. I want to make/eat it every day!
I've always wondered why there are no salad bars like Souper Salads, or sizzler or sweet tomatoes. Sometimes I head over to Hometown buffet in bellevue but its just not the same. I WANT THE BIG SALAD.
Fried chicken salad at the Coterie Room. That is all.
I also love the Pagliaccio - I also like it made with the dressing they use on their spicy salads (pretty damn spicy).

Staying with the pizza theme, Kylie's salad is terrific (in Fremont), and since deep-dish pizza takes a while, it's nice to have a nosh while you wait.
Eating uncooked food like salad is a lot safer in a Vegan restaurant than in one that uses ingredients like hen's eggs, meat or fish. I eat very little salad, especially in restaurants, and I've been Vegetarian since before that young lady with the flying salad was born. Raw food is over rated but raw fruit is usually better for you, just wash and peel it in your strictly vegan kitchen and you'll be fine. I'm sixty years old already so for pity sake cook the kale and cook it well and thoroughly softened Please!
Highly recommend the Shelley Salad at the Crepe Cafe in Ravenna.
"...these ones"?! Jesus. Did you go to high school? All you need is the word THESE.
@13 you took offense to "these ones" but not that use of the word "heart?"
This was a trend 15 years ago in NYC. It will be big, not sure if there is a better choice than Whole Foods in SLU. Evergreens looks great, but I'm not walking 30 min each way.
I'd gladly give WF my first and second born for unlimited access to its cracktastic salad bar. In their evil cunning, they made the price for the salad bar and adjoining hot food bar the same, encouraging full-blown addiction. One glance at that chicken-fried tofu and it's game over.