Oktoberfest for Apples

Washington Cider Week Wants to Put Its Stuff in Your Mouth


Tieton Apricot Cider along with the warm goat cheese salad at 74th Street Alehouse - my favorite! Can't find much of the good cider down here. Have to resort to bootlegging (yes, still a law on Utah's books).
It's fairly easy to find pitchers of cider in the Fremont neighborhood, but there's way more variety during this week.

BC is reporting they expect record cider crops this year, by the way.
I'm taking next year's vacation in October.
Try making your own. It's much easier to make decent cider than it is to make decent beer or wine, and it takes only a bit more finesse than that to make quite good cider. That beer-making equipment that's been collecting dust in your garage for the past 10 years -- time to clean it up and ferment a batch of cider. Find a friend with a press, or build one, or rent one from one of the homebrew supply shops. Half a pick-up truck load from around the neighborhood will yield about 30 gallons. Pass on the ground-fall fruit and anything with worms, but otherwise non-picture perfect apples are fine.
I'm thirsty...