Pie Versus Pie

Two New Seattle Pizza Places (One with Live Chickens)


Great group of people at The Masonry - they also do growler fills!
Love The Masonry!
Great beer selection and people at The Masonary. The pizza, however, was just.....meh. I've tried 3 times and I'm surprised to hear that it stacks up to the cities best.
Seriously? People want to eat dinner surrounded by chicken shit? This urban farming thing can't die soon enough.
I appreciate a bad pun above all else, but... no, we're not calling it "pie." We're not saying wheel or 'za or any other awful pizza colloquialisms.

Also, chickens are nasty.

Based on the picture (for whatever that's worth), the pizza looks good though.
I like humble pie a lot and have eaten there 3-4 times. It's close to my house, and a really nice space with great intentions. Great place to get a pizza to go as well. Really hope it succeeds.

That said, you really nailed it with your description of the crust. Typically, it's been under-baked and under-salted. You're right, totally like some mediocre homemade crust.

If the crust is off, the pizza just can't be great, no matter how creative the toppings are. I hope they get that sorted out.

I'll probably still go there from time to time, because of the convenience factor, but as things stand, Bar del Corso, Flying Squirrel, World Pizza, Tutabella, and Il Postino all have better pizza, and are within 10-15 minutes of Hubble Pie.
That concept behind Humble Pie.... sigh. Oh, you Pacific Northwest honkies. Delicious sounding description for the other place though: "very thin in the middle, puffed up at the edges, blackened in spots on the bottom, buoyed by air bubbles". That's the description of real pizza. Must try.