The Restaurant Aquatic

Is Westward Too Much or Just Enough?


Great review. It's kind of a different spot. The chairs and the beach are a nice touch, and the food is good. We had squid Bolognese, which was quirky and delicious.
remember to go for brunch as often as possible. the croissant bread pudding with the most delicious coffee will call you back over & over again.
And for you Slog-reading aristocrats, they have 50 meters of dock so you can boat to brunch. A refreshing new alternative to the usual suspects in SLU and Fisherman's Terminal.
Shhhhhhhh. It's terrible. No one should go there. Or, only enough people should go there so that it's never too busy for me to get in whenever I want to go.
Don't be ridiculous. No one could use a sextant precisely enough to navigate to a specific lot on the shore of Lake Union. A superb celestial navigator might get within a couple of miles.
Umm Fish and Skorthalia IS a thing - a Greek thing.