The Thing You Must Eat at La Bodega

The Puerco Asado Sandwich Is Why the Place Exists


I ate that sandwich after I took a photo of it. I wanted to eat 3 or 4 more of them. Saying "delicious" doesn't do it justice, really
Dominicans aren't too into spicy foods. The only spicy dish I ever ate there was chivo- goat. I am looking forward to checking this place out.
My husband is still talking about the Sloppy Joe sandwich he had weeks ago that he loved loved loved! I sure wish we were closer to eat more of La Bodega's food more often since we come from Kitsap County :-)
"This is one ethnic food that is not yet overrepresented in Seattle"

really?? cause ethnic food is not about whether it is good food, just about whether you have a check-mark in that box?

"Rice and beans are surprisingly hard to pull off: You don't want them to overpower the plate with spice, but if they're too bland, they're nothing more than mushy gut-stuffing."

thanks for the insight. must have been culled from your careful exploration of the over-represented ethnic food joints