Don't Call It a Popsicle

Six Strawberries Makes an Excellent Local Version of a Summertime Necessity


The best Artisan Ice Pops and the coolest van ever...
American entrepreneurism at its best. No sitting around waiting for the gub'ment to find them a job, these fine young folks set out and took care of themselves. God I love this country!
If they are as good as the paletas in Mexico I'll be a regular. My favorites are mango con chili, coconut cream, and strawberries con crema.
Awesome van, awesome logo, I'm sure those people are awesome as well; but, I either run in incredibly cynical circles (totally possible) or I think it's time to kill the word "artisan." They already got handcrafted up there, I think that covers it.
I had the blueberry lemonade pop this weekend at the Cap Hill farmer's market and it was delicious!