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White Wine Spritzers Blow Your Mind!


The White Wine Spritzer are mostly enjoyed by former working class turned yupoie-hipster-suburban, guys from Alameda
It's funny that people get so uppity about wine spritzer but sangria is perfectly acceptable. Maybe give it an exotic name?
A wine spritzer is both delightful and practical when one is either hosting or attending outdoorsy parties in the daylight hours in warm weather: just enough alcohol to keep conversation "sparkling" , and enough water to keep one hydrated.

Although honestly, a ration of 2/3 wine to 1/3 soda water is enough (or 50/50, if your are in it for the long haul). You don't need any of that simple syrup business, unless you are being dainty.
My mom skips the lime and simple syrup steps and just uses Sprite. I finally convinced her to stop using Corton-Charlemagne for her afternoon spritzers, now she uses Bota Box Pinot Grigio.
50% white wine + 50% collins mix over lotsa ice. Summery.
Ahhh! Corton Charlemagne spritzers just make me want to cry!
What the hell is a white wine spritzer?

Elliot Spritzer's cousin. . . .
No, no and no. Decent quality dry white wine, ice, club soda or unsweetened/unflavored seltzer. Nothing else.
The recipe to life is also similar...
1 bottle of wine in the morning
1 at noon
and 1 in the evening :D

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